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Prettiest diamond ring ever 🙂

I love to write and believe that it’s truly cathartic, but many times I have trouble actually getting my ideas down on paper, electronically or otherwise. I often have lots going on in my head, yet the organization needed to formalize my thoughts is daunting and a little too much effort after a 60 hour work week. Perhaps if I still had my own computer it would make it a little easier, but that will have to be a future investment. Anyway, lots of gone on since my last (and first…and only…) post back in October. It’s now March and we seem to have made it through this winter mostly unharmed. There was TONS of snow, okay by me because that also means a whole bunch of paid days off thanks to snow days! I love working at a school! Of course, not to be forgotten is the still very recent flooding of 2011, quite comparable to that of 2010 although this time we had to evacuate our apartment. While it was a good excuse NOT to do laundry or clean, now that we’ve returned to the homestead, it’s very difficult to find clean socks.

A few major happenings:

.~* Christmas! I had the best winter holiday of my life this past Christmas! For once, I was actually able to spend a little money, and not just the day before either! My favorite present received were my Dior glasses from Ronnie and my favorite present given was the Rocky poster from England that almost wasn’t here in time for Christmas morning! I also loved the presents I gave to Ron’s family including a personalized chef’s jacket and picture frame for Mr. B, tartwarmer for Mrs. B, Twilight bookends for Jen, and a mini cupcake maker for Jamie! My favorite part of Christmas 2010, besides my aunt’s lasagna which I look forward to for 364 days of the year, was decorating the apartment with Ron, putting ornaments on our tree, and waking up to Christmas morning in our king-sized bed to open stockings, with all our presents laid out under the tree. Not to mention it was Bruce’s first Christmas! He doesn’t really like snow that much, but he seemed to love his presents and treats from his stocking!

.~* Work life has been great! In November I was promoted from administrative assistant to admissions coordinator, bringing new responsibilities and a nice raise! Since then my finances have evened out a bit and with the help from a part-time job at my cousin’s tanning salon, I should be able to make a nice dent in the debt I managed to rack up (thanks MSU!). Besides the money and better title, I really like my job. I have an amazing supervisor and the description of my position is much more my speed. It’s much nicer to wake up in the morning and not dread coming to work or to feel like I need a full bottle of wine the second I walk through the door. I’m less stressed and much happier 🙂

.~* Valentine’s Day! Probably my second favorite holiday after Christmas is Valentine’s Day! Although Ron is sweet to me all year, it’s nice to have an excuse to get dressed up and go out for a nice night. This year, Ron told me far in advance that I would need to leave work a little early on February 15th because he had a surprise night planned. Instead of leaving the 14th unplanned, I took Ron to dinner at Mr. Sushi, our favorite sushi place! Before we left for dinner, I gave him his present: Yankee tickets! Of course, never one to be upped, Ron surprised me with tickets to see Wicked, the show I’ve been dying to see for years! The best part? That was my surprise for the 15th! We had the best time at the show, sharing drinks before hand and afterwards, we cabbed it over to Serendipity, another long-awaited dream of mine! We shared dessert there: frozen hot chocolate and a blackout chocolate sundae cake…so many calories full of goodness! Haha After dessert, we went home which leads me to my last update…

.~* We’re engaged!!! When we got home, Ron told me to wait in the living room because he taught our dog, Bruce, a trick and had to set him up for it. When he came out to get me, he asked, “You said tonight was perfect, right?” Turning the corner into our bedroom, there was a runway of rose petals from the door to the bed, where more rose petals lay in a heart. There were electric tealights scattered around the floor, dressers, and bedframe. After getting down on one knee and making me cry tears of extreme happiness, I said yes and the most beautiful ring in the world was on my finger. We shared a bottle of champagne and called our families and friends. It was truly the happiest moment of my life and I’m so excited to know I will officially be spending the rest of my life with this man. We’ve already looked at venues and narrowed down to our top 3, which we will probably be making a choice on this week! It’s all just so exciting, and I’m sure I’ve already talked it to death with more than 1 person…and we still have 15 months to go!

Hopefully I won’t be as bad when it comes to posting, now that I’ve made the switch from Tumblr and keep a lookout for wedding related posts!


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