Family Bonding

Family Yard Day

Spring always brings with it a sense of renewal. The snow is gone, leaves start to return to the trees, and housewives everywhere tackle a year’s worth of hidden dust and window streaks. Being that I now have my own apartment with Fiance, I also feel the need to clean and re-organize (of course, my need to sleep and watch tv usually triumphs). This past Sunday was dedicated to readying the yard at Bo and Mrs. Bo’s house for our upcoming summer engagement party. Called “Family Yard Day,” Fiance and I were to help clean up sticks and leaves, as well as cut down low-hanging branches on some trees in the backyard. Unfortunately, the combination of Fiance’s little sister, J.Lynn, and my incredible hangover, I didn’t get much done. Instead, we opted to journey to Shop Rite for marshmellows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers because what says bonfire more than a pile full of sticks? Of course, bonfires without the proper permit paperwork are illegal so we settled for the little fire grates in the backyard.


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