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Simple Things

Dinners at my house are always done on the fly. Anytime we try to buy dinner food (ie. any kind of meat or vegetables of the non-frozen variety) it ends up going bad. Or sitting in the freezer so long we’re scared to eat it. Usually when Fiance and I realize we are going to be home together on the same night, one of us will run to Shop Rite and pick up whatever is needed. Although a hassle, our system works for us. It allows us to spend less money, waste less food, and means our garbage doesn’t reek on a weekly basis thanks to expired chicken. Yesterday while on the phone, I asked Fiance what he wanted for dinner, and he said he would pick something up on the way home from class that evening. “Like pizza?!” I all but shouted. I get very excited for pizza. I could eat it every day for lunch and dinner and probably for breakfast, and I would STILL be excited to have pizza. For some reason, I also get extremely excited anytime we have takeout or go out to eat so this was a double whammy for me. I decided to supplement our pizza with my favorite frozen mozzerella sticks and some frozen yogurt, making the night damn near perfect. Fiance came home with a surprise for me (and no, he already warned me that it wasn’t baked ziti on top of the pizza – my favorite). He unwrapped a pink and black baseball glove, perfect for our upcoming Yankee game! We immediately went outside to play catch and make sure the child’s size glove would fit me (it did) before inhaling our dinner. During today’s morning drive to work, I realized how great our night was even though we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. It’s the simple things in life that really make an impact and Fiance is great at them, one of the many things I love about him. It’s amazing the effect a little conversation over non-diet food will have on a person’s well-being. Some other simple things that make me happy for days on end:

.~* The smell of “outside”

.~* Silly voicemails from my friends

.~* Spontaneous nights out

.~* Clean sheets

.~* A new book (I’ll never switch to a Kindle!)

.~* Driving with the windows down and the music up

.~* Making lists (and crossing things off them!)

.~* The feeling of accomplishment after a job well done

.~* Big hugs from Fiance

What are some simple things that never fail to make you smile?

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