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Cars. And Explosions. Don’t try this at home. Part Duex. (Stuck up word for 2)

Thanks for coming back for part 2 of Exploding Cars…the mechanic version. Luckily I learned how to stop crashing into things (sort of) and now my car problems can be found deep within. You’ll see…

As a super cool teenager/early 20s person, I also didn’t see the sense in wasting money that could be spent on shoes and alcohol on oil changes. I can remember 1 times where I got an oil change. After that…crickets. So one day I was driving along, going up to my dad’s house in Vernon, about 4o minutes away from my apartment in Lincoln Park when all of a sudden my car shuts off. Like no motor running. As in I am now coasting down a VERY curvy hill with no shoulder to pull over on. Seeing what was possibly my one opportunity to pull in a gravel area on the other side of the road, I went for it, barely missing a tractor trailer. I fruitlessly try turning my car back on and it just goes “ehh ehh ehh” like me when I don’t want to get up in the morning. So my dad comes with my sister’s redneck (now ex) boyfriend and they look at the car. Smarty pants me has managed to FUSE parts of the engine together (Still not totally sure how this goes down because isn’t an engine already together? Whatevs. I know makeup, not cars.) We get it towed and find out it will cost $2000 to fix! All that mula for a car that cost less than $14 grand to begin with that doesn’t even have power locks or windows and needs about $1000 in cosmetic work. Sweet. My total disregard of all things smart has really screwed me this time. $2000 could have bought a lot of shoes and alcohol. Since smarty pants me doesn’t HAVE $2000 (did I mention how much alcohol I drank back then?) I end up begging rides and putting my boyfriend out for much longer that is acceptable (about 6 months longer). When I finally DO have the money for a NEW engine in my 4 year old car, the stupid mechanic dude tells me he won’t even give me my car back without replacing the transmission. I would think he was being a douche but he was a friend of the sister’s boyfriend. Bye bye more shoes and alcohol. And clothes. And food. So nearly $3000 and 6 months later, I get my car back! Yay! Of course, it was kind of bittersweet because by now I was used to driving around my boyfriend’s (now fiance!) much cooler Mazda 3 with all things power, plus a sunroof. So yeah.

Anyway, I was super duper happy about having my own wheels back and everything was lovey dovey for about a year when my fiance was in the car and yelled asked me why my car was making a bad clunking noise near the front right tire. Knowing I didn’t have the cash required to fix it, I let it go until I finally took my car in for an oil change (yes, I was late. I know. Never again.) and got it checked out. Guess who needs new struts! Awesome. That would be another $400 down the drain. The fiance and I decided to go to a Kia dealer (I figured Kia would be the best to go to because of the whole “Do you have a job? Do you have $99?” commercials) and hope for the best. My car was appraised at $2000 thanks to the cosmetic damage as well as that lovely clunking noise. I still owe $3600 on it. Shit. Besides that, my credit is shot from when I thought NOT paying bills was the way to go. Haha, it’s not. Thanks super cool 18 year old self. Thanks. So we went home without a new car deal and noticed a NEW problem. There was a very stronge gas smell coming from my car. You could smell it while driving and after parking, so badly that my neighbor thought there was a gas leak in her apartment when I parked in our garage. Awesome. I finally took it to a mechanic (Ok, fiance’s dad called his mechanic) and found out not only did I need new struts, but the worst case scenario with the leak has happened. It’s a leak in the fuel pump. ANOTHER couple hundred of dollars.

Part 3 to come soon. It involves talking to Chevy on the phone and tweeting them multiple times. Let’s hope it ends well.


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