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Two years and beyond!

Last week was my fiances and my 2 year anniversary. To celebrate, he surprised me by picking me up at work and brought his dad to take my car home (not gonna lie when I didn’t see my car outside I kinda thought he bought me a new one haha). We went to dinner at a very nice restaurant nearby that I’ve been wanting to try and was recommended by a close friend. Walking into the restaurant, everything seemed perfect. The place was beautiful and we were seated in a booth reminiscent of two cushy leather armchairs joined by a table. The fireplace was lit and the atmosphere was a casual elegance unmatched by anywhere else I’ve ever been. We ordered drinks, trying the white sangria (huge!) and I got a drink with tequila in it because you know, yum. Our fondue appetizer arrived and we had fun mixing up different combos of food to dip in the cheese (mmmm cheeeeese). Unfortunately that was where meal peaked. The dinner menu did not have many choices, a disaster to a picky eater like me. I ordered the tilapia which I had eaten before and the fiancé got pork loin (?). While the presentation was nice, everything on our plate was dry and just PLAIN. No sauce, no yumminess, nothing. It might have been stated that being gifted our dogs poop would have been preferrable, just a slight exaggeration. Luckily the night picked up with the addition of cupcakes from Maggie Moo’s. Chocolate cake topped with cake batter ice cream and a fudge icing? Yes please! I’ll eat that ish every day! (aka no hope for skinny) Finally I was able to give The fiancé his present. Smartypants future wife that I am, I found a way to pass off at least SOME of the wifely duties. I bought him a grill! At first he didn’t seem too psyched, but he warmed up to the idea when he found his Bobby Flay cookbook and began to plan our 4th o July weekend menu. Let’s just hope we don’t get food poisoning. To come…beers in the garage and bong rescued by mr. Fiances dad.



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