Adventures in Grilling

Like I previously told you, I bought a grill for my fiance for our 2 year (dating) anniversary. He loves to cook and always likes to try new things so I thought the gift would be perfect (add in the benefit of HIM cooking and NOT ME and it’s damn near mind blowing). After our disastrous lovely evening out (love you baby), I was SO excited to give him his present that I could barely wait until we get home. When I FINALLY gave him the grill, he seemed…less than thrilled. Not to say he wasn’t happy or didn’t like it, but it eventually came out that he didn’t know how to grill (which was obviously the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen). So he went through a Bobby Flay grilling cook book that he conveniently had and picked a recipe to make when my sister would be up on Saturday night of fourth of July weekend. As he was making the marinade the night before, I couldn’t help but get more excited. Ron had even chosen a drink to go with his menu and bought tequila (LOVE TEQUILA), which just seemed like a special occasion (apparently tequila = special in my mind? No comment.). So Saturday night came and Ron went out to start grilling. My sister was napping so I took a couple beers and the iPod dock (which didn’t work. nor did my dead iPod or near dead iPhone. Good thing my fiance actually charges his appliances.) and watched the master work. Unfortunately after a good 40 minutes or so, the chicken STILL wasn’t cooking. Ron put in (exactly) the correct amount of charcoal, but no luck. So we called in the big guns: the Tinman, aka the fiance’s dad. He promptly took the chicken off the grill and just about tripled the amount of charcoal we had used. That’s what the fire really got going and our chicken was done in next to no time. After another beer (or two) and a few tips from Mr. B, we were on our way. I can’t wait to try grilling again, maybe this time with burgers. It just shows how great it is to have family both near and dear to you. I really love living so close to the fiance’s mom and dad and I don’t really ever want to live farther away (imagine the benefits when we have kids?! Yessss!). Between grilling help and the frequent free meals, we might never eat!

Some last minute thoughts in closing…

1. My left hand and pointer finger feels oddly sensitive and a bit painful at the moment. Early carpal tunnel? Scary idea.

2. I’m re-re-re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because my sister and I are going to see the last movie on Saturday and I’m just a LITTLE excited.

3. I was definitely going to say something else, but now I forgot. So good night 🙂



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