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Snap Crackle Pop

So it’s no secret to those who are close to me that I tend to get a bit snippety when I’m stressed out. My fiance could probably teach a course in how to handle me when I’m in a mood. I mean, it’s clear you have a problem when your sorority sisters give you the Jekyll and Hyde award at formal (um, yeah. I think I gave them the finger). For whatever reason my snap reflex is a knee jerk kind of response. I just can’t help but react this way; I honestly don’t even realize I’m doing it and even when I do, not until much later. So my question is: how do you stop something you don’t even realize you’re doing? (!!?!?!?!?!?!????!!?) My instinct tells me that the piles   mountains  Mount Everest of filing in my office is probably NOT helping. So Step 1: Catch up at work. My office has been going through some staff changes (as in we hired someone and she quit so we hired someone else) and I’ve been in charge of training the conveyor belt of people coming in and out. On top of that, I stepped in to plan our annual fundraiser (which raised over $41,000 for the American Cancer Society, GO US!) which was obviously a lot of work I was not expecting to take on before we were short a staff member. So clearly I got behind in my work. Step 2: De-stress. As of right now my only means of releasing tension involve watching the DVR and reading. While these will definitely remain favorite past times of mine, they don’t do much to de-stress (besides making me forget the stress for a few minutes. Unfortunately it’s usually still there when I get back). I think I need to make some life changes. Like working out (ew). About a month ago, I woke up early for a whole week and ran before work. Although I HATE getting up early, the pre-work exercise really made me feel good and allowed me some time to myself, just to think. I would tune my I Heart Radio app to Z100 and laugh or sing or halfway dance while run/walking. After 2 miles and about 30 minutes, I was done and ready for a shower, usually with enough time to eat a healthy breakfast. It really set the tone for the day and put me in a cheery mood. So once I’m done rhapsodizing about my (one week) early morning runs, maybe I should start up again? I guess I’ll just have to go to bed earlier. Boo being a grown up sucks! Other than that the best idea I had was to buy a self-help book. Clearly, my brain is too sucked into other things to even think of a way to help myself. Any ideas? All will be appreciated (except suggestions for bodily harm. I don’t usually always take well to them). I’m off to eat some ice cream. Please do my thinking for me 🙂


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