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Busy B’s…

I’ve been super busy lately…between being jammed at work, the fiance’s birthday, needless obsessing over wedding planning, and taking on a second job, I feel like I haven’t had much time to myself. Even as I speak (write?) I should really be doing other things… But I plan to write regularly from here on out. Some updates on the messiness of my life: 

  • I took on a part-time job to supplement my full-time one. I think there’s something wrong with me, mentally. Ever since I was a little kid, I felt the need to fill my schedule, and between gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, trying to have a social life, and oh yeah school! it was never hard to do. Even know when looking at my new schedule at the health club (read: fancy gym) I’ll be working at, I found extra places I could volunteer my time. I always seem to forget that “me time,” as corny as it sounds, needs to be had as well. So from now on I’ll definitely be scheduling some “doing nothing” time as well as getting together with friends. Now that the summer is coming to a close and cold weather will soon be setting in (yay for boots and sweater dresses!) it will be the perfect time for it!
  • Fiance and I have been trying something new when it comes to dinners. For his birthday, his sister Jen gave him, in addition to some other fun stuff, a basket full of kitchen gadgets, including a Rachael Ray magazine. Inside the magazine was a tear out recipe book with a shopping list and recipes for each weeknight. The best thing about it is that you use ALL of the ingredients on the shopping list so there are no leftovers that sit in your frig and go bad, only for you to find a month later (you did notice the “hot mess” portion of the title of this blog, right?). While the fiance and I often have good (and lofty) intentions of cooking each night, without a set plan in mind, we’ve resorted to pizza and the quicky fix: ground turkey meat with brown rice or chicken and pasta, take your pick. So this week we’ve been following true to the Rachael Ray plan and have had some amazing dinners! We switched up the rotation a bit to allow for our differing schedules, but the results are the same: fun new recipes that taste amazing! On Monday we had chicken with apples, raisins, and olives over cous cous followed by a spinach and sausage quiche on Tuesday. I was super nervous for last night’s meal, crispy tilapia over homemade creamed corn (seriously?) and it came out amazing! (even if I did double the prep time and possibly cut my finger on the food processer blade – oops!) All of this coming from a girl who used to freak out when her sister hid corn in her mashed potatos (side eye, Chelsea). I’m pretty proud of myself…both on the culinary side and the eating side. I never would have eaten this meals before recently, let alone attempted to make and serve them. I’m also enjoying the satisfaction of cooking meals from scratch with the added bonus of leftovers from lunch!
  • Starting Monday, I will be implementing a new workout plan/routine. Obviously, one of the added perks of my new job is a free membership to the gym. I’ve already made one of my infamous lists to figure out what times are best for me to work out and what classes I’ll be able to take (not many. Why do all gyms schedule most of their classes for during the day?!). I’ve installed a weight loss ticker in my signature on theknot.com (don’t judge) and now that I’ve posted it for all of the internet to see, hopefully I’ll hold myself accountable. When I was in high school, I felt great…not because I ate well (unless you count skipping breakfast, eating french fries for lunch and pasta for dinner as well?), but because I was in the gym 5 days a week with my cheerleading team (we won 2nd in the world in case you didn’t know…just saying). I know diet and portion control will account for much of my weight loss and then management, but I think regular exercise will go a long way towards this goal. By changing my lifestyle to eat healthy foods and exercise, I hope to not only lose weight for the wedding and to look good, but I hope to feel good, too. I’m so sick of the yo-yo’ing my body has been doing the past few years!
  • Last and certainly not least, we got a new tv! It’s so amazing and incredible and pretty and big and difficult to figure out so I’m afraid to use it (calling Matt Fedor…please come teach us how to use our new tv!) to the fullest extent, but either way, it’s pretty cool and now we should actually be able to use the kinect I bought for the fiance last Christmas (side eye to Ron…) Til tomorrow (maybe tonight?!) internet…

P.S. – See my culinary masterpieces below…Drool on my friends.

Chicken Monday Night

Tilapia Wednesday Night

Chocolate-Banana-Peanut Butter Protein Shake = the shit


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