Hot Mess is an Understatement.

Being the dumbest person on the east coast, I packed a total of 1.5 outfits to survive Hurricane Irene. (Okay, maybe I’m less dumb than this guy…

Disregard the big hairy man in the beginning) Considering the weight of the 2 (yes, 2) suitcases I brought with me for a week’s vacation in Aruba last year, the sheer minimalism at play is astounding. Here’s what I brought…

Casual at its finest.
Please note that I work at a cosmetology school, and while they don’t require a three piece suit every day, they do expect me to at least look professional. The above outfit is not it. Luckily, my future mother-in-law is the best woman in the whole world and lent me a pretty shirt to wear with my sweat pants. Throw in a pair of low black heels I found in my car and air-dried hair, and I’m ready for work!
The result:
Best Dressed 2011
Because you obviously wanted a close up…

I did get compliments on my shirt though…so win there. Thanks Mrs. B!

Fortunately, I will be able to wear my own clothes made of something other than sweatpant material tomorrow thanks to Papa Bo and the fiance. They made it into the apartment to stock up on supplies, and they didn’t even need a boat! Yay! (That will make more sense if I could get my effing POST TO LOAD!)
So what do you think? Don’t I make flood-chic look good?

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