What Goes On…is I Hate my Phone.

My phone is stupid. And it hates WordPress. I’ve been TRYING to post about the stupid hurricane and its effects on my stupid town, but everytime I go to load a picture, WordPress crashes and is all like “It looks like this shitty app WordPress for iOS crashed the last time you use it. You can shove it up your ass help us by sending a stupidity crash report.” Guess how many effing crash reports I’ve sent? So now I’ll have to not be lazy and email myself all my stupid flood pictures to put in my flood post that was written 2 days ago. I also have an AWESOME post about compressed air coming up, once I remember what I was supposed to write about it. I was a few glasses of wine in when I made that proclamation. ANYWAY…

One of my main reasons for writing this (besides to tell you how STUPID my phone is and actually have an effing post after my promise to write every day…FAIL) is to shout out to my good friend Anthony. Anthony is the best man in my wedding and he definitely lives up to the title. He has watched our dog, Bruce, twice while we were on vacation and is always there if you need something, even if it’s just to talk. He also has the best stories, including shaving his head thanks to a beer pong bet on more than one occasion. He recently started a blog and will be updating the internet world on all the crazy things he gets himself into. Internet, meet Anthony…

Anthony's Birthday...clearly I overdid it.
Mid Solo
(Slightly) More Sober...

So go see What Goes On in Anthony’s world. I promise you’ll be entertained.

Hopefully, more later regarding the crap that was/is the hurricane. If this stupid phone ever works.


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