Be vewy vewy quiet…

I’m hunting lockers!


Just kidding. But after spending 45 minutes cleaning out other people’s crap from their lockers, I’m very over this day. I can’t wait to go home and relax. This week sucks big donkey lockers balls. I actually found a rotting coffee cup in one. Do you know what goes in coffee? Milk. So God only knows how long this rotting milked cup has been sitting in the classroom for everyone to breathe in the infestation (I don’t know if you get infestations from rotting milk, but it sounds plausible). I completely blame the fact that SOMEHOW I always find the bugs in this school. Really gross ones like the creepy crawly that was IN MY TRASH CAN and made me almost dump hot coffee all over myself. Or like the water bug that jumped out from behind my phone. I don’t keep food in my office so I can only blame coffee cup kid. Luckily I returned this student’s belongings to their rightful owner and hopefully at some point in the near future I’ll stop gagging thinking about moldy coffee.

(I thought you might want to experience it as well. You're welcome!)

4 thoughts on “Be vewy vewy quiet…

  1. So i sound like an idiot in my last comment..hence why I DON’T COMMENT!!! lol I meant to say I would have dumped the nasty cup of coffee on the student!! ❤

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