Leaning Towels of Parisi *UPDATED*

Is it weird that I’m kind of proud of this?

Also, I did only about 1/2 of these...

Rolling towels is a necessary evil at my 2nd job. Not evil as in hard, but as in annoying. And tedious. And NEVER-effing-ENDING. For some reason, it takes 3 times as many towels as you would think to fill that stupid thing. And don’t even get me started on the little towels. I thought my days of towel folding ended when I left my job at the tanning salon, but really I just moved on to towel ROLLING.

Also? 5am is really effing early. As in I need to leave my house by 4:20 in order to get to the gym by 4:45 to open by 5am. And WHAT is with the guy waiting in the dark (like completely dark) parking lot and following me into a dark gym? Luckily I had been previously warned of this during my training, but even so, I kept expecting him to pull a knife on me or steal my purse. Which would only get him about $3 and an iPhone that recently sucks. And my car if he wanted, which HA! Please. Steal away!

It’s getting light out now and if you’ve never sat in a gym rolling towels before dawn watched the sunrise, I highly recommend it. Not only is it really pretty (uh, duh), but it gives you this calming effect and makes you realize the whole day is ahead of you to do with whatever you please. Of course, I’ll probably pass out on my keyboard at work later so not sure how that works out, but whatevs. I’m trying to get up the motivation to workout in my break between jobs. Remember that post many many moons a week ago where I said I was going to eat healthy and work out every day starting Monday of this week? Well it’s now Thursday and besides the sweat accumulated cleaning out lockers yesterday (don’t get me started), I have neither dieted nor exercised. Woo for resolutions and sticking to them! My new day to start this healthier lifestyle is whenever I’m allowed back in my apartment. At least then I will be able to remember a sports bra and extra underwear (again, let’s not go there) for after my sweaty swamp mess workout. BUT! Today I have a 2.5 hour break before I start my real job (because this one only exists in Neverland) and I should probably fill at least SOME of that time with some cardio and a shower, with maybe a car backseat nap thrown in? It’s times like this I really use I had an SUV. And you know…the whole winter in NJ when we get 16 feet of snow time. Those times.

*UPDATE: I was just corrected on my lifting technique by a member. I was lifting a basket of towels. Please note I will be spending my 2 hour break learning how not to be a dumbass in my place of work…where people come to lift things. (Although not like this…


Peace and towels,


I googled "gym in Neverland" and this is what I got. OK.

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