I used to think pinning was the ceremony where “new members” (read: pledges) get their pledge pins and start their “new member process” (um: pledging). It also sounds like pinny which is the nasty bright yellow fake jersey your gym teacher made you wear in high school. Um, can I be shirts? Thanks.

Anyway…pinning is none of these things (well it is, but also not). It is both fabulous and soul crushing at the same time. Pinterest.com is basically an online inspiration board where you can post (pin) pictures, tutorials, recipes, etc. you find online onto your boards for future reference. You can also look through general categories (ie. weddings…kill me now) and follow your friends to see what they pin. It’s actually super great because now instead of having 10 million websites bookmarked on my work computer (oops bad girl), I can post pin them all to my boards to look at anywhere, including on my iPhone app. Basically this website is crack. Especially when you recently decide you have no clothes and everything you wear sucks, more so because you wear the same damn thing like every 2 weeks. Also, when you’re planning a wedding? This shit must as well be injected into your lace and tulle covered veins. Seriously. I can spend hours looking at pictures and being like “hmm these shoes are great but maybe a little more sparkle in your face and they’d be perfect.” and then “ooh yes to these but they’re stripper-esque, not wedding princess…less sparkle”. Pinterest makes you think this way. Also? It’s shown me that my life cannot go on without a white lace dress, leather jacket, structured brown boots, and boot socks. WTF ARE BOOT SOCKS? AKA knee highs, leg warmers, etc? I have both of these things (don’t judge). But now that they’re call boot socks and have frillies and ribbons, I HAVE TO HAVE THEM OR I DIE. Obviously a very serious situation. This is why my friend Alyson and I are turning a completely normal event (getting her measurements for her bridesmaid dress) into an all-day outing otherwise known as SUPER SPARKLE SATURDAY. After a quick stop at the bridal salon (why are they called salons? Stupid…bridal store), we’ll be going to the mall to play makeup, find jewelry, and re-create every outfit we found on Pinterest. Of course with my budget this means I’ll be watching Alyson re-create pretty lacy dress leather jacket outfits, but oh well. Still AMAZEBALLS.


If you have advice on how to quit the addiction that is Pinterest, let me know. I seriously need an intervention. Possible pictures of Super Sparkle Saturday to come…


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