Healthy Habits: New Cho!


One of my favorite staples for dieting is greek yogurt. Specifially, Chobani is my favorite brand, but I’ve also tried Dannon Oikos and it’s good too! (I like stuff on sale) Today Facebook yielded a delicious discovery that I will DEFINITELY look for during this Sunday’s trip to Shop Rite…new Chobani flavors! They’ve introduced Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, & one I’m almost sure I’ll love – Apple Cinnamon. I was once told by a nutrionist to add ground cinnamon and 1 packet of Splenda to plain Chobani if I didn’t like the bitter taste, a trick that cemented my loyalty to greek yogurt. The one thing I DON’T like about Chobani’s flavored options are that there is usually little bits of fruit in the cup. I don’t like this normally, but especially with lemon, ew! The great thing about Greek yogurt is the high protein content. The nutrition facts for the plan version is shown below…


As you can see, there are only 100 calories, with none from fat (obviously as it’s the non-fat plain yogurt) and only 7g of Carbs. The real winner here is the 18 GRAMS OF PROTEIN. Did you hear that? 18 grams. For a little cup of yogurt, that’s a lot. I’m surprised to see there is no dietary fiber because after eating one of these babies, I am FULL. Add to that I usually drink a good half of my day’s water during my lunch hour, and I’m ready to burst.

Whether you eat Chobani as a lunch (like me) or as one of your small snacks, its benefits are great for your diet. Try it with some cinnamon and Splenda if you’re not a fan of it plain. I promise you it tastes like ice cream. Plus your waist will thank you!


One thought on “Healthy Habits: New Cho!

  1. Thanks for sharing the Chobani love, Lindsay! Our new flavors, Apple Cinnamon, Blood Orange and Passion Fruit, are currently hitting shelves as we speak. As you mentioned, our cups contain a whopping 14-18g of protein- which is the reason you’re feeling full all day! Mixing in some fresh fruit is never a bad choice to add some fiber, though. Happy spooning 🙂

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