Hello New York…

One of the reasons I don’t blog as often as I’d like to is because my friends and family know about this blog and sometimes I don’t want to broadcast my innermost thoughts and the minutiae of my every day life to them. Usually I get the urge to write most when what I’m feeling is at an extreme. So when I need to vent because my fiance and I got into a tiff or when I want to lament about something going on in my family, I don’t really feel able to. And not just because I don’t want everyone to know, but because I think it would upset other people if I were putting it out there for all of the internets to read. It makes me wonder if a public blog is something I should really pursue or if I would be better under a gossip-girl like guise where I could air all my dirty laundry to the world without being known. I think it’s definitely something to consider. I suppose the grown-up thing to do would be to speak to anyone who might be offended by a post, but that seems like an awful lot of awkward conversations I don’t want to have. I will break up this boring-ness with a bit of TMI and let all reading that I have the worst case of cramps ever since yesterday making me currently HATE being a girl and all I want is my heating pad and my bed, preferable with a Gilmore Girls marathon on the Soap Network. I’m also in no mood to be manning the front desk at work, yet here I am. Each phone call and person who walks into the office makes me want to punch a kitten. Thankfully there are none to be seen. I’ll be pondering the possibility of becoming the next GG while hunched over my desk & crying so let me know your thoughts on the public nature of blogging. As a blogger, do you have any privacy? Or is that something you sacrifice for the success of your blog? Until next time…xo xo…Hot Crampy Mess


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