Creepy crawly bathroom dwellers

I have a completely ridiculous and overblown fear of bugs. It’s a very good thing I don’t live alone because I’d probably still be stuck on the ledge of the bathtub…from 2 nights ago. I was minding my own business while peeing (sorry, not really a better word here…urinating? relieving myself? That’s weird) in MY bathroom when this creepy crawly bug sauntered out from his hiding place by the bathtub. I, of course, screamed which only caused the bug to run RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and take up residence in our baseboard heater. In turn, I jumped up from the toilet located right next to the bug’s new quarters and took the highest ground possible without breaking anything: the tub. My fiance came running in and was immediately annoyed when he found me cowering on the bathtub, no blood or other disaster in sight. He did however find me with my shorts around my ankles as I hadn’t even taken a few extra seconds to pull them up before my escape. He tried to scare the bug out and when that failed, he sprayed all over he offending area with his Axe body spray. I stayed up on that  ledge for about 30 minutes, waiting for the bug to resurface so I could kill it with my flip flop, but he never did. I’m still giving the bathroom a once-over before I allow myself inside the door and I don’t think I’ve actually closed the door yet. I’ve literally thrown up at the sight of these bugs, so (sadly) I’m not surprised by my behavior. Although I try really really hard, I just can’t force myself to remember how small and harmless these bugs are. I know “they’re probably more scared of you than you are of them.” Well, they should stay out of my freaking apartment then! I don’t run rampant through their homes. I honestly don’t ever see myself getting over this irrational fear, but who knows…there’s always hypnosis. 🙂


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