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Dreaming BIG

The other night I had a scary dream. There were no monsters or bad men chasing me, no cliffs to fall off or trapped rooms. I was (dun dun dun) pregnant. I can’t tell you what happened in the dream because I have no recollection, but it was so realistic that I woke up confused as to why there was no big belly. I seriously almost went to buy a pregnancy test I was so scurred. Thankfully, I am not preg (whew), but it did get me thinking about dreams. They are weird things.

They can be as mundane as every day life or as extraordinary as a Magic School bus episode. Sometimes you know you’re dreaming and others you wake up wondering what was real. Sometimes they’re scary, many times they’re not. Sometimes they have real people in them, people you know and see often, yet sometimes you are with a celebrity or a very old friend. I know my dreams usually feel very real. Once when I was hoping for a snow day, I woke up and could have sworn I got a call that the school was closed, yet my call history disagreed (as did the dry ground outside). During one particularly amazeballs dream, I went on a huge shopping trip and even remember finding the PERFECT leather jacket only to wake up and realize it was a lie (and damn because I still need a leather jacket). Most of the time my dreams seem to occur in the morning right before I wake up. Maybe that’s why they seem so real? Because they’re so close to my waking hours?

Last night I had a scary dream of the more regular variety. I can’t remember exactly what happened (why is that by the way? It’s so frustraing!), but I do remember being scared to go to the bathroom by myself in fear of someone being in the apartment. The dream was  so unsettling that despite being very tired and having a pitch black quiet room, I couldn’t stay asleep. I must have woken up at least 4 more times. This always seems to happen on nights when I am super gung-ho on waking up early to workout. Then morning me decides that since I slept like crap I should snooze more and more and more.

I think most books on dreams are probably crap trying to tell you how to interpret them abnd advise you that if you see a snake it means trouble ahead or something equally dumb. I’d like to know more of the WHYS…why don’t I ever remember my dreams, why are they so realistic, why is Leonardo Dicaprio there? (JK I know that last one haha) I do remember hearing that if you dream in color, it means you are more intelligent. Due to my vibrant dreams, that’s one I am willing to believe.

B Spears (aka me) dreaming of preg by Leo…or something. Also I put “bed” into google images and she was the first one. Fate.

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