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Wear Your Closet Challenge

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is that I get a lot of ideas from them, much like Pinterest. I try new hairstyles, types of clothing (hey there long skirt), and even some DIY projects. Probably my least favorite thing about reading blogs is that sometimes I can start to feel a little inadequate. When I want to, I can look very put together with my makeup done, hair did, eyebrows not freaking out (probably should do them more often, especially considering the #1 makeup artist rule is to have nice eyebrows…oops). Unfortunately, I apparently don’t want to more often than I do. More accurately: I am NOT a morning person. Usually I hit the snooze button about 3 times (4 today ahhh) and by the time I stumble from my bed through my shower and into my closet, I have barely enough time to piece together an outfit let alone make myself pretty. With my wedding getting nearer my biggest priority in the morning (besides getting to work on time, always a feat for me) is to have a healthy, low-cal breakfast to start my day. Despite all my good intentions of waking up early (ha) and working out (haha), I can at least make sure to do more than grab a protein bar or (GASP) skip breakfast. Sadly the 10 minutes I spend on breakfast usually means my extra time for perfecting my look has escaped. Going along with my post from earlier this week, I think this means I need more structure in my life (you know, like making sure your clothes are clean so you don’t spend 5 whole minutes searching for clean underwear) and hopefully I’ll be successful at instilling this in my life. To speed up the process, I’m giving myself (and you) a challenge. I have a decent amount of clothes. I wouldn’t say a ton because I’ve gotten pretty good at know when to get rid of things or donate them, but I definitely have what I need. Even though I have all these pretty clothes, I tend to gravitate towards what’s easiest, most comfortable, and/or my favorite. This means not only do I repeat clothes probably too often, but I also let my imagination die (especially when it comes to my work outfits). I hardly ever accessorize beyond the necklace I wear everyday and my engagement ring, and my black ballet flats are getting a little worn in. Also? My boss would probably love it if I skipped the beach wave (aka I half blow dried my hair and threw it in a bun on the way to work) every now and then.

So to wrap up this very wordy post and get to the point: I am challenging myself to wear every piece of clothing in my wardrobe in the next month. I will accessorize EVERY outfit as well as style my hair differently each day of the week. I will NOT wear my flats unless absolutely necessary (ie. the day after a particularly gruesome evening in heels). I’ll be posting along the way, and hopefully some of you can join in and share the fun outfits you shopped out of your closet.

Besides re-discovering my wardrobe and actually looking like a person each day, I feel like this will help me see what I do/don’t need to acquire in the future and help steer any clothing purchases in the right direction. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to join!

See my photo from yesterday (first day of the challenge) below!




So I knew there was a reason I was drawn to my comfiest outfit today. As I was doubled over my desk in cramp pain, I was very happy for baggy shirts and stretchy pants! So not the greatest start but it will get better!


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