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The Good Ol’ Days

Do you ever get an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia? Of wishing you could go back to a time in your life when things were different? I don’t mean this in a bad way necessarily, like your life now sucks and you miss a better one. It can just be that you remember fondly a time when things were different. For instance, I miss the first few months I was dating my husband when he was pretty much all I thought about and we were inseparable and I could tell you almost to the day when the last night we spent apart was (disgusting). I’ve also been known to say that the 8 (and a half) weeks pledging my sorority were some of the best days of my life. If you had told me that during those 2 months, I miiiiiiiight have punched you in the face (actually I was much more of an asshole then so I almost definitely would have punched you in the face). Now that I made it through that time and can honestly say that the bond I have with my pledge sisters is unlike any other relationship I have (so corny) and without those weeks of hell (literally), we wouldn’t be there.

Nostalgia is such an odd feeling. It’s very contradictory to be happy in your every day life yet miss another time period, especially if those days/months/years sucked. Like being single? Unless it’s a new thing or you’re Zac Efron most of us don’t enjoy hunting for a partner. But now that I’m about to be hitched and have been off the market for the last 3 years, I can think back to when I was single and remember the good parts about it (which is alway the case, isn’t it? Pain fades, good memories remain). I can recall making my own decisions based solely on what I wanted and not having to worry about another person. I remember smoking (ew, nasty habit!) and not having anyone to tell me “ew, nasty habit!” and to stop. There were the too-drunk nights dancing with friends and total control of the remote. It’s really easy to look at these things and thing positively when you’re not living them. Flip them around and they sound awful. Not having another person who cares about you and your future and wants you to be safe and happy? Um, that blows. Smoking is just gross, but take any bad habit/decision/choice and it’s the same. Not only is it a kick-in-the-ass to have someone you care about helping to change your bad decisions to good ones, but it’s pretty damn nice to have someone worry about you. You can still get too-drunk and dance with your friends and now you even have a DD (or at least someone to drunk dial who will just laugh at you in the morning instead of running away scared…just don’t throw up on your bedroom floor…4 times…don’t ask). And control of the remote? Completely overrated. Besides most (if not all) of my favorite shows I discovered through my fiance). And don’t even TRY to tell your single friends that they’re lucky they’re single. Those girls will CUT YOU.

It’s really easy to take what you have currently for granted, especially when it’s super awesome and you don’t have to worry about a whole lot. It’s also nice to think back on other times of your life and be happy about them. Memories serve as a permanent highlight reel, guaranteed to raise your spirits, establish a bond, or remind you to choose wisely. As long as you’re not living in the past, nostalgia isn’t a bad thing.

Mean Girls Skit
Ron & my first picture
Sorority mixer, me and one of my best (and blonde extensions!)
First sorority formal, again with Maria! (longer blonde extensions!)
Ron and my first anniversary, we went to the Meadowlands fair!

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