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Morning Blues

I guess I’m kind of piggy backing on my post about dreams last week, but have you ever woken up really sad and you’re not sure why exactly? I’m assuming I had an upsetting dream that I can’t remember and it set the mood for my wake up. Of course it doesn’t help that it’s a rainy Monday morning and I had to get up for work, but still. There was this heavy feeling of sadness permeating the air, settling over me like a thick blanket. I didn’t want to get out of bed or put on makeup…I just wanted to snuggle with my fiance and my dog until the feeling went away. Maybe if I could have gone back to sleep I might have had another happier dream that shook this feeling off, but no can do when you have an alarm clock ruling your morning (and you already hit snooze twice damn it). I’ve even had dreams where I got mad at Ron (fiaaaaance) and the feeling lasted throughout the morning, where I felt as though he had wronged me when in real life he was asleep. Duh. It’s just crazy how dreams, especially (I’m assuming) if they are close to when you wake up, can set your mood for the day. I think it probably also depends on how real your dreams feel when you’re in them because if it’s a dream where you KNOW you’re dreaming, you’re obviously not going to hold on to whatever feelings might have been prominent in your dream. Regardless, I hate waking up this way. I like to be happy and it’s much easier to start a morning on a good note rather than already thinking about climbing into your bed with your covers pulled up to your chin and watching a Friends marathon when you get home from work instead of running the errands you need to do and doing the dishes in the sink and going running and oh yeah did you remember your wedding is in less than 5 weeks and you have shit to do? Throw in your hair looking like crap (a sacrifice for you, Chel…didn’t want to wake you up with a blowdryer…and I was also a little lazy, but let’s blame it on you, yes?) and being stuck in a torrential downpour in the 30 seconds you need to travel from your car into the school, and the mood doesn’t seem to want to go away. Anyhow, let’s see how grown up I can be today…old me would have TOTALLY shirked her responsibilities to sit on the couch and clear the DVR, but hopefully responsible Lindsay will be able to have a different attitude this evening. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about some of my weekend, but for now just revel in the gloominess of this Monday morning. (PS – do you ever sometimes just want to stay in your crap mood? Not that I’m in one right now, I’m just sad blah, but I think that’s a post for another time as well…)

And to update you all on my Wear Your Closet challenge, this outfit was from Friday:



The fiance hates that shirt, but I kind of like it. Especially since now I wear a tank top underneath it (yes, this sentence implies that I previously didn’t, but we won’t go there, ok?)

And because I’m too dumb to own an umbrella or hang on to the two I used to own, this is how I rain out to my car in a monsoon on Friday (apparently my trip from the front door and my car and vice versa is eventful lately):



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