Hello, Captain Obvious

So the writing workshop was amazing. It was eye-opening to come to terms with the fact that I was the only person standing in the way of making writing my future, and crazy to see how realistic that future could be. Probably the most valuable thing I took from the night was also maybe the most obvious. WRITE. Apparently the term “rough draft” was coined for a reason and writers around the world sit down to just write and sooner or later they have a story/novella/book/bible/whathaveyou. Maybe it’s the type of “duh” moment all writers (or people in general?) have, but I think it’s really easy to lose sight of your goals when you’re busy living your life. Even when you have a very detailed yearly goal plan laid out (Thank you Nicole!), it doesn’t always remain at the front of your everyday thought process.

I’d love to continue the workshop (it lasts for 6 weeks), but due to work and the craziness that is life at this moment, I’m not going to be able to. Being that it’s only 6 weeks, I’m hoping to read the book I was given there (Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver, the founder of the Writer’s Loft in Chicago which the workshop I attended is based on) and work on my writing and hopefully, I’ll be able to revisit and complete the workshop sometime in the semi-near future. I think by sharing my work with family and friends, I’ll be able to get feedback from real live people and keep the motivation burning to keep writing. So far I’ve written a little bit each day since the workshop and I can tell you the teacher (Mary Carter) wasn’t kidding when she said my subconscious would be focused on it at all times of the day. I’ve found myself thinking of my story during work, while trying to go to sleep, first thing when I wake up and in the car. It’s like my story is constantly evolving even when I’m not physically writing, which is great because when I do actually sit down to write, I get something down. I’m trying to remember to JUST WRITE and not edit yet. Editing is for 2nd drafts whereas a rough draft is just to get the story on paper. It’s really tough to not second guess myself yet and see where the story goes. I think I definitely need to make some kind of outline to keep on track with the end goal of the story (once I know what it is anyway), but possibly the book will tell me that.

I have a lot of ideas that will hopefully one day be available at book sellers near you. Until then, let me know if you’d like a sample of what I’m working on currently. It would be great to get some constructive criticism and feedback. Keep in mind this first piece is definitely Chick Lit so boys, I’m not sure you’ll enjoy it, even if it is only a few pages.

Also, food for thought…what do you think of chick lit? I inhale these books. I think it’s because generally they’re not difficult to read and it allows me to escape my everyday once in a while without having to work at it. I love all books, but these are my everyday go-to’s. Thinking about the type of writer I want to be is odd because I do have so many varying ideas. I definitely want to do a children’s series, but how does that fit in with writing chick lit? Or more emotional or thought provoking pieces? Also what constitutes chick lit and where does it end? Could any novel about a woman be considered in that genre? Weigh in here and let me know if I’m overthinking (which I ALWAYS am) because now I’m just confusing myself!


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