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Hump Day Update

Instead of a full on post, I thought I’d share some random things on my mind today. Let me know if any of this is plaguing you or if you have ANY idea what I’m talking about.

  1. Constantly throughout the day, I’ve been smelling smoke. Like cigarette smoke. The only weird thing is that I’m in my office at work, no where near a window or any cigarette wielding people. What is up with that? It’s making my nose itchy inside as well. Maybe my sniffer is broken…?
  2.  I really like my outfit today, even if my hubs did describe my skirt as “amish chic.” I’m pretty sure the Amish wouldn’t wear a tank top with quite as much cleave as I have exposed, so I don’t think I’ll be mistaken for a horse-and-buggy driver anytime soon.
  3. I recently started a new part-time job (more on that later) and need to wear a black polo each day (or white but I sweat and spill too much to wear white while mixing drinks all the time). WHERE TO I FIND POLO SHIRTS FOR WOMEN? And by this shouty question I mean ones that are not expensive. I’m not interested in spending $50 at J.Crew just to get mocha all over it. I managed to find a black shirt with a collar (which is the important part) at Kohl’s, but minus that ONE shirt sold there was nothing to be found at Kohl’s OR Target. How could my good ol’ Tarjay let me down? ***I will say they have some cute things in their new Kirna something majig line right now, it’s one of their “shops.” I had to divert my eyes to avoid spending the money I don’t have.***
  4. Today is National Talk Like a Pirate day…wondering if I should try this on customers? Hmm… Also, I wish my sister were around because she’d truly appreciate this. Instead she’s in Australia and it’s already tomorrow there so she missed it.
  5. I am recently obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. I watched about 10 seconds of the first season and probably 6 or so episodes of the second season (I know, weird) and I LOVE it. I’ve been thinking about the show all day and can’t WAIT to get home at freaking 11:00 tonight to watch more. That combined with my increased PM caffeine intake has kept me up until 2am the past two nights.
  6. I tried to make Bailey’s ice cream last Sunday for Carbomb Floats (I know, awesome). Instead I ended up with really sweet Bailey’s soup. It still tasted okay in the Guinness, but it was more a waste of money than anything else.

That’s all for now. Perhaps I’ll actually be able to formulate an extended thought when I’m not in a food coma from lunch or smelling phantom smoke (AGAIN!). Let me know if you a. love long skirts like me, b. know where to buy them for people that are tiny like moi (5’0 what what), and c. I really really really need your recommendations and/or coupons for black polo shirts under $15. So far it seems I’ll be wearing an XS men’s golf shirt or XXL little boy’s polo. I’ll let you know.

I’ve included a helpful diagram for your convenience in briefly absorbing this post. Enjoy…(and stare at Jax).


P.S. – Did you know they make Bailey’s ice cream? Like in a carton you can buy from the freezer section at Shop Rite? Besides the fact that the whole point was to use the ice cream maker my bridesmaids gave me at my bridal shower, it would have signifcantly improved the floats (and my nerves) had I just bought the damn thing.


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