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Friday Favorites

Every Friday I’ll be sharing my favorite moments from the week. Possibly with pictures once I get my iPhone 5 and have immediate access to a camera that’s NOT broken (apparently dropping your phone on the pavement at Giants stadium and kicking it across the parking lot is not good for your camera lense…who knew). This week has been a little crazy with the addition of a new part-time job (Holla at the Bucks!) and a new obsession to watch (hey Jax heyyy) and I look forward to it all balancing out and starting to feel normal. I’m most looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and being lazy for as long as possible before having to be a real person. What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

1. Coming home to dinner made for me by my hubs 🙂 Not only did he prepare the meal for me to have each night when I got home at 11:00, but he waited to eat with me. We even had enough for me to take to work the next day meaning little to no thought process from myself on what to bring/eat the next day. He’s pretty awesome.

2. Cuddling with my pups each morning. Even though it makes getting out of bed infinitely harder, I love hitting the snooze button with Bruce curled up by my feet and Clark literally acting as my teddy bear. It’s easy to forget their annoying-ness when they’re being so sweet.

3. Finally getting the hang of making drinks at the Bucks. Granted it was like 9pm on a Wednesday night so not the busiest night for a mall store, but it was still pretty cool to be handed a cup and be able to decipher the code on it to produce whatever crazy drink people are ordering. (I kind of want to try an apple spice latte even though there’s no coffee in it. Sounds like the ultimate fall drink. Next to Pumpkin Spice. And Salted Caramel Mocha. So third ultimate.)

4. Sipping a dirty martini with friends last night. Ron texted me right before I left work that he was at Sunset with two of our best friends, Alyson & Bianca. My first reaction was that annoyance…I just wanted to go home, lay down and possible sleep thanks to a persistent headache I hadn’t been able to shake all day. As I was driving home I decided if he was still there when I passed by, I’d stop and have a drink. For probably the third time in existence I stopped at Sunset “for a drink” and actually left after that one drink. And it was great. Nice dirty martini while catching up with my friends and husband and just laughing at one of my favorite places. It always feels like a second home when it’s quiet at the outside bar and a few of us are there.

5. Having people respond to this blog. I started writing a while ago and have never really kept up with it. Now that I’m making more of an effort to, I have people commenting on Facebook posts or sending me texts about what I wrote. At my friend’s bridal shower last weekend, her sister told me she’s been reading my blog lately. It was pretty cool to hear that someone I met once previously could enjoy these ramblings I put out. It’s definitely encouraged me to keep it up.

Not So Favorite Moment of the Week:

Stepping in Clark poop. In the hallway. In barefeet. At midnight-ish. After a 15 hour day of work. Needless to say, it was not a good time. I think I screamed bloody murder, limped to the bathroom and sat on the bathroom floor to clean it up and just cried. I was overtired, emotional, upset that I had just taken the dog out and then he pooped on the floor and it got the best of me. Don’t worry, I watched another 2 episodes of Sons of Anarchy and Jax made it all better.


“Who, me?”


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