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Stars, Bucks, Me.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I recently started a part time job. Besides my apparent never-ending need to completely fill my schedule to the point of combustion, my hubs & I need health insurance. I’ve been with my full-time job for 2.5 years now which makes me beyond eligible for their insurance plan, but it’s just too much money, especially for both of us. My new job at Starbuck-aroos will allow us to have affordable benefits even though I’m only working part-time. Yay, go Starbucks! They are actually an amazing employer (so far anyway). Their insurance plans are great, super affordable, available to FT AND PT employees, they give you endless free coffee (even to take home!) AND they make you a “partner” after a year by gifting stock in the company. The fact that I can drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes whenever I want probably would have sold me on the job, but being able to provide insurance for my little family sealed the deal. Plus when we decide to move to North Carolina, hopefully I’ll be able to transfer stores and keep my job while looking for another FT position. Not having a source of income when we move has really been a weight on my shoulders I hadn’t even realized was there until this unexpected solution came along.

I started double working this week, leaving my full-time job at 5:30 and heading to Starbucks which is about a 20 minute drive without traffic. Then I work for about 4 hours trying not to mess up people’s grande decaf caramel macchiato with soy (macchiato’s get coffee ON TOP of the steamed milk, just FYI). It seems as though I can count on getting home around 10:45/11. Although I don’t hate it right now, I expect 15 hours away from home each day may start to catch up with me. Of course if I could just turn off Sons of Anarchy, maybe I’d just go to sleep when I get home? Besides the lack of sleep lately and increased stickyness of my clothes at night, I’m happy to be contributing to my family.  I’ve always heard family, colleagues, friends talk about how they had to work really hard when they were younger to get where they are now. It only seems natural that sacrifice is a part of life. I’m sacrificing my time to get affordable health insurance just like my husband saved money to pay for our wedding. Life isn’t always easy. It’s not always fun. Sometimes you can’t go out with your friends because you have to work. Or because you’re dog tired from work and really need a shower to wash off the caramel sauce and chai syrup. I feel proud of myself for making a commitment to help my family even if it does mean time away from them (when I say them I mean Ron & my super hero dogs). In the long run, I think I will feel better about myself in general for finding a way to better our family & sticking to it. I’ve had more jobs than I have pairs of underwear (probably not even a gross exaggeration) and anyone who knows me knows I have easily quit my fair share of jobs from full-time ones that I hated to part-time ones I didn’t feel like spending my spare time at. This time will be different, and by committing to that, I feel myself changing for the better. It might be only 2o hours a week at Starbucks, but the results will last a lifetime. At least I know I won’t have trouble finding caffeine to keep me awake for those long days!


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