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Wedding Nostalgia

Thanks to Facebook, I get a constant stream of my friends’ (and not really friends’) daily lives including their milestone moments like weddings. I’m the first person to put up a status or a quick pick, but sadly it’s been nearly 2 months since my OWN wedding and I’ve had the professional pictures for most of that time and yet they’re still not up on Facebook. Call me crazy but sorting through and uploading 1000+ photos just doesn’t really sound like a good time.


But this post is not really about my laziness in putting up pictures. I’ve got it bad, people. I figured it would come after the wedding sometime, but never dreamed it would be this soon. No, it’s not baby fever…it’s wedding nostalgia. I think this is even worse? At least I could give myself good reasoning against baby fever. Wedding nostalgia is just plain unavoidable. The best cure I’ve found so far is looking through my own pictures (uploaded by others) on Facebook as well as stalking other peoples’s weddings and looking at pages and pages of wedding inspiration on Pinterest. Everyone always says your wedding day goes by so fast, and I never doubted that was true, but man! Wasn’t I just feverishly trying to get tan (in 2 days) and lose weight to look good in my dress? A dress that now hangs (much to my husband’s dismay) in its bag in our closet, first of all because I didn’t know what to do with it and now because I need some cash moneys to get it cleaned and “preserved” like its a wooly mammoth at the Museum of Natural History.

Mainly what this boils down to is that I miss our wedding. I miss the excitement in the final days before the big day and spending time with my girls the night and morning before. I miss Ron’s little notes in my hotel room. Even if I did cry three times on the way to the ceremony alone (don’t ask. Or do. I’ll probably tell you about it soon anyway), I would even be late to my own pictures again in order to have the day back. From bawling at my husband’s amazing and heartfelt words (this time I wasn’t the only one!) to shaking while standing up on the altar (I know, me! Can’t you tell I’m an attention whore? Who knew I’d have stage fright!) From laughing together about the awkwardness that was the first dance to not eating any of my dinner (but drinking all of my champagne…hello, do you know me?). From getting the bouquet stuck in the chandelier to watching my friend Jill nearly moon everyone on the dance floor (Go Frank!) to the choreagraphed dance put on for us by some of our friends and family (yes, this happened). From my sister’s maid of honor rap to our best man’s props during his speech, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Even the things that went wrong were right and although it rained, we managed to get our ceremony outside (I would have had people out there with umbrellas anyway!) and take all the pictures we needed before it really let loose. We had the best time on our honeymoon in Mexico, and I can honestly say I’ve never loved Ron more than I have since the wedding.

Is it weird to miss a day? I want to go back to it and relive it all over again. Thank God my dress is so heavy or I may take to wearing it around my house (like someone else I know!) I’m so excited to go to our friends’ upcoming weddings and be a part of their celebration like they were a part of ours. I love that my hubs and I have our whole future ahead of us to do with what we please. I love writing my new name and seeing it typed out at work. I love getting receipts from my debit card and seeing it say my new name. I really loved correcting someone at the Bucks last week when they noticed my ring and said I was engaged. “Um, no, actually I’m married.” More than all that I really love my hubs and our pups and our daily lives. I think our wedding day really set the stage for the rest of our lives together. Although it might rain and sometimes things don’t go exactly as you planned (Marriott hotel? I’m looking at you and your stupid shuttle service!), at the end of the day, life is pretty great and the things that truly matter are there & deserve to be celebrated. Our wedding might be over, but we get to celebrate our love each and every day…and that’s pretty special.

One of the less awkward first dance moments

2 thoughts on “Wedding Nostalgia

  1. And it will never ever change.You will always miss that day and special memories, especially at other weddings. While you are sitting there always thinking of your own, and looking at your own sparkly ring (I always clean mine before I go to a wedding), you look at him, and maybe he’s looking back, maybe not…but he will always squeeze your hand or wink at you before its all over. Two months goes by pretty quick, but 30 years fly. And yes, it’s really true, you always look the same to each other, even after all those years. The dress, sorry to say in my case, is still in the closet,in the plastic bag it came in and has been there since my wedding night…..I’ve never seen it since and am truly afraid to unzip it…for three reasons. Reason 1…..I do not know what will jump out, Reason 2.. I am afraid it’s probably now dull creepy yellow and most important, Reason 3…I won’t be able to resist the dreaded “try on” which would surely send me into a deep depression..or into purgatory or something.
    Bottom line, it’s OK to go to bed angry….it’s OK not to kiss him good night when he acts like a big jerk. Just return his smiles, make him yummy things, forgive him and most important, laugh a lot and stay friends always.

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