Do the Humpty Hump Update…AKA The Traffic Rant of Sept 2012

1. Traffic. Seriously? Where do I even begin? My commute to work for the past 2.5 years has been relatively easy and traffic free. It usually jams up a little around the exit to route 80, but other than that it’s mostly smooth sailing. Until September struck. At first I just thought it was back-to-school traffic, and maybe it was a little bit, but quickly I realized it could not totally be school’s fault. They’re doing roadwork on 287 right past the exit I take to work and it’s making the lanes shift. I haven’t actually travelled past my exit to check it out, but I’m ASSUMING this shift is what’s doubling my travel time. I am NOT happy.

2. Anyone else get that maddening feeling when in stand-still or inchworm traffic? That rip-your-hair-out-and-scream feeling that you can’t actually act on because 1. then you’ll actually be crazy and people in the surrounding cars will stare and since you’re not actually MOVING they will keep staring waiting for more crazy and 2. your hair needs to look at least somewhat decent when you get to work. I almost snapped this morning which would have resulted in my honking at everyone and no one at the same time. Not good.

3. Another traffic woe: thanks to the stupid road work, I get stuck in traffic on my way home too. You might be thinking, “uh hello? Don’t you go the OTHER way home?” and yes, I do. I’m not that dumb, promise. Unfortunately the joy that is route 10 and its exits to 287 (one for south, one for north) is RIDICULOUS. And because 287 is backed up, the south exit is also backed up. This would not be a problem if stupid douche canoe drivers wouldn’t try to cut all the other cars waiting to get onto the stupid road causing them to sit with their blinker on in the next lane. Yes, sit with their blinker on again NOT MOVING while waiting for stubborn drivers to let them into the exit queue. Listen jackass, I probably wouldn’t let you in either, but now you’re backing up the lane I need which is in turn causing everyone to go around you and backing up the other lanes. I feel like it’s only a matter of time until there are one or more accidents (if there haven’t been already) and I can’t have that. I got Bucks  to get to.

4. Should there even be a 4 after all this ranting? I figured I could tell you about a much more pleasurable drive…the one HOME from the Bucks. You know, the one home to my hubs, pups, homemade dinner & more episodes of Sons of Anarchy. If those things don’t equal true happiness I don’t know what does. This drive is made all the better by the face that it’s 10 minutes long & I get to sit down for the first time in 4+ hours. 🙂

This post brought to you by the traffic system of North Jersey. Please enjoy and keep the road rage to a minimum. Unless it’s displayed on your blog…then let loose!

PS – Here’s a picture of my (still relatively new) car that use to fight traffic! She’s about 6 months old and gorgeous and makes me so happy to drive especially since she is recently cleaned! (Disclaimer: this is not my actual car. I’m too lazy to look for my own pictures and/or take my own pictures so here’s one from the wonderful people over at google.)



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