Friday Faves

Some of this week’s happy moments and smile-inducing things…

1. Fall scents to perk up my car…especially since I’ve spent about 2 hours in it each day this week!

2. A trio of favorites: Pumpkin coffee (don’t tell the Bucks I had Dunkin!), pasta dinner & Pinot Grigio. All of which were much needed after this exhausting past week! And yes that is still my draft board in the background from my fantasy league’s draft oh over a month ago. Oops.

3. We finally caught up with Sons of Anarchy! While I’ll miss obsessively watching multiple episodes with Ron each night (I still have to catch up to where I joined him in the series…so season 1 and some of 2…meaning I still get my daily fix 😉 ), I’m super excited to be able to catch up on our DVR which has a whole bunch of new fall shows and go to bed at a normal hour. Which, contrary to what the last 2 weeks have been like, is not normal! Also, bye Opie 😦

4. Wrestling match turned kissing-fest between Bruce & Clark! All 3 of my favorite boys in one sweet happy moment!

5. I can delete the last clock on here now that Christina & Shannon are back from Thailand! Welcome home! Can’t wait to see you…please tell me you didn’t accidentally bring home any Thai bugs, thanks.

Ok 6 because I just found this and loooove it. A new way to listen to music online! Songza allows you to create a playlist based on the time of day and your mood/location and then gives you detailed options to narrow it down. For example, right now it’s showing me music suitable for a Friday afternoon including: Energy Boost, Weekday Dance Party, Workding (W/ lyrics), Brand New Music & Popular Genres. I picked energy boost because I haven’t had lunch yet and energy is exactly what I need. It then offers me the following genres: Energetic Indie, Happy Pop, Classic Upbeat Hits, Fun & Fast Dance Pop & Powerful Modern Rock. I clicked Classic Upbeat Hits (I AM at the office so hopefully these are the most family-friendly) and am taken to 3 detailed selections: Fun & Funky Pick-Me-Ups, Timeless Pop/Rock Hits & Ultimate Party Sing-Alongs. The descriptions allow me to determine what kind of music they will include and allows my mood to choose…super fun!



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