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Periodic Depression

Boys, you may want to avert your eyes a tad although I’m sure everyone can sympathize with feeling depressed now and then. Unfortunately this overwhelming feeling seems to hit me much more than I think it should, and with a history of depression/bi-polar disorder in my family, it’s more than a little scary. Thanks to my co-worker and our daily talks, I was able to see that the depression I was experiencing was on a very PERIODIC schedule, if you will. We vent to each other pretty much every day, from everything work related to fiance/husband (she’s getting married in 2 weeks!) gripes and issues about being a girl. Especially issues about being a girl. We lament to each other when we’re about to get our periods, regarding the cramp hell that is the actual period and then are happy when it’s all over. It was because of this daily vent sesh that I realized I was telling her I felt super depressed once a month, usually smack dab in the middle of my cycle. Now because I am the ultimate of procrastinators (and am still awaiting health insurance) I haven’t yet sought medical help in fixing this issue, but I’m confident it can be attributed to my period. Which is yet ANOTHER thing I can blame on being a girl and add to my list of grievances I have to take up with the man in charge upstairs one day (possibly we can make men do all this period bs for a few milleniums, huh?).

Unfortunately, this means I’m still experiencing depression for a few days every month, and while identifying the source of the problem is comforting, it still doesn’t help the overwhelming feeling of blah, uselessness. The feeling that makes doing any work seem insurmountable and shows the couch and corresponding bag of Jalapeno potato chips in a pretty nice light. (Side note: I am definitely not one of those people who love their appetite when upset. It doubles. Awesome.) So tell me…do you experience the period blues as well? If so, what do you recommend to alleviate it? (BESIDES a handful of Xanax with a side of chocolate) (Or preferably an entire bag of Jalapeno chips…we need the skinnies back around here) Speaking of skinnies, anyone have any diet plans that center around Jalapeno chips? (just throwing that one out there)

#NotImpressed. Also, this is what your hair looks like when you wake up 20 minutes before you need to leave for work….sexy.

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