Pretty Pretty Princess


Happy Monday y’all. I’m extra tired this Monday thanks to my jam-packed Saturday & Sunday. Getting wastey-faced off multiple bottles of white wine on Saturday didn’t help the cause. Yesterday was the husband’s grandma’s birthday & we went over to his aunt’s house to celebrate. Of course by celebrate, I mean I sipped ginger ale and ate toast while everyone had the good ish, but that’s what happens when you can’t control your liquor (oops). I actually left the party halfway through to go with my sister-in-law, Jamie, to do my friend’s hair. To backtrack a little, my friend Jess is on The Glam Fairy, a show about a freelance hair and makeup company on the Style Network. I first met Jess about 6 years ago (ew) when I was shopping with some high school friends. It was the winter break of my first year in college and when we stopped at the MAC counter in Bloomingdales, the makeup artist immediately jumped on the fact that I went to Montclair State and asked if I was in a sorority. I wasn’t…I’d actually had a horrible experience had a mixer where the girls wouldn’t take me home even though I was VERY uncomfortable being there. But I figured if this girl (who is gorgeous and was being super friendly with strangers) was in one then maybe they weren’t all bad? Long story short, I ended up pledging her sorority and even though she was already graduated, I went to visit her all the time while she was at work and even learned everything I know about makeup from just watching her. When she told me she was going to be on this tv show, not only was I excited to watch (hello, a show about makeup artists? Yes please.) but I knew she’d be the perfect fit. She has a personality that is screaming for television and did I mention she’s gorgeous? So back to yesterday and my hangover and Jess’s hair. Last night was the season 2 premiere of the show and Jess had invited my sister-in-law Jamie to be a VIP guest (yes, I was Jamie’s plus one. What the what? Jamie has been doing Jess’s hair ever since they met at my wedding & that qualifies her for VIP over lowly friends. Thankfully I got by with her) at the party. The party itself was a tad bit crazy. There were a ton of people crammed into Teak on the Hudson, not really a super huge bar. We tried to hang out in the tiny roped off VIP section for a little but it was too crowded and we made our way over to the bar to get (free!) drinks. Once the viewing of the show started and my hangover had finally faded to oblivion, I was starving. We could order food and Jamie & I decided to spit Hamburger Sliders. We got lucky after we ordered and found seats on a nearby couch. Jamie asked the girls on the couch if anyone was using the open space and the girl told us to go ahead and sit. About 10 minutes later, this 50-ish year old woman comes over and tells us we’re sitting in her seat. Jamie looks at me, looks back at this lady, and tells her the girls said no one was sitting here, sorry. The lady looks around, looks back at me and Jamie and then asks, “Excuse me, are you getting up?” And again Jamie told her we had made sure the space was available and no we’re not leaving. When the lady tried to argue AGAIN with Jamie I finally stepped in (I’ve been known to not always have the best of tempers and my sister has been embarrassed by this on more than one occasion) and said, “Did you reserve this couch? No? Then if you got up, sorry but you lost your seat.” I was pretty impressed by Jamie fighting back in the first place because as much as I’d rather sit down to eat, I was too tired to care or try to do battle with the people in this club. Finally the woman’s daughter and daughter’s friends (we assumed this by the much younger girls she was with) moved over to give her some room and Jamie overheard her talking about the “two white trash rude bitches.” Gotta give it to the girl because Jamie did not let that one fly. When everything calmed down, it was pretty funny to listen to them freaking out because they caught a glimpse of my friend, Jess, and talking about how nervous they were to ask for a picture. Luckily not 2 minutes later, Jess walks over and I got up to talk to her and a mutual friend. I told her the whole lovely story just to see what she’d say (she said “ew, tell her you can sit whereever you want…you’re VIP) & went bck to the couch to find the lady trying to make nice with Jamie, obviously because she realized we knew Jess. I very LOUDY relayed to Jamie what Jess said and didn’t hide it from our new friend. Jamie heard her turn to her friend and say “Wow, they’re VIP” to which the friend questioned where our VIP wristbands were. So Jamie turns around, makes eye contact with her and holds up her wrist. Like, ha, there bitch. Honestly, it was probably the highlight of the night to have this little drama episode with a 50 year old woman at a club in Hoboken on a Sunday night fawning over my friend. Too funny.

2nd best moment? Seeing my friend Ashley for the first time in oh maybe 4 years? She’s a member of the Jets Flight Crew & dances at all their home games. She too is in my sorority and is super gorgeous. And the way she dances? It’s more like her body makes the music rather than simply moves to it. I met her beautiful mom too who also is a great dancer…the two of them put on quite a show dancing between photo opps. Ash would also put her purse, phone and drink down everytime she took a picture, presumably because she would dance into her pose and those items would probably hinder it, but it was so funny to watch her little routine before every picture. She’d bend down in her 6 inch heels, put her stuff on the floor, take a few sips from her drink, get up and shimmy into pose. It definitely works because she looks amazing in every picture I’ve ever seen of her.

It was a pretty fun night despite my hangover and the old bitch trying to gip us out of our seats. I loved being Jamie’s plus one since she is the MIP (Most Important Person) in my eyes. And I’m so happy for my friend Jess, who has totally combined her two favorite loves into one awesome job…makeup and being famous. ❤

Me & Fairy Jess
Me & Ashley…impossible to look good dancing next to her

PS. Somehow I don’t have one picture of me and Jamie? And I think she deleted the one she had…lol oops