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Absent Hearts

I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with my husband this week. I’ve been thinking about him much more than normal (which is still a good amount on an average day) and all I want is to be with him. I think it has to do with 1. being super busy lately, 2. my emotional breakdown, and 3. his night away in NYC for a bachelor party last Friday. They (who?) say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I think there is definitely some truth there. Being that I spend less time with Ron, I want to see him even more and little things that normally annoy me are much less bothersome while he has this shining light around him. I constantly just want to hug & kiss him which is probably getting annoying, but I can’t help it. He was even worried because apparently my chariot home (Thanks Bri) last weekend had to listen to me cry about how I just wanted Ron and loved him so much (also Bri? Sorry for the yak fest). Ron didn’t want me to be sabotaging nights out with my friends because I wanted to be home when he was home (he was unexpectedly home early last Saturday). It’s pretty annoying when your friends base their social lives off of their boyfriends’, but I take full responsibility for doing it ALL THE TIME. When you and your husband basically have opposite schedules already (he’s a bartender, I work days), you need to see each other sometimes so if he’s home Tuesday nights, I’m not about to go out on the one day I’m guaranteed to see him. Throw in my Bucks hours and now I pretty much only see him for an hour or two before bed & Sundays. But while it might be true that I’m less apt to schedule something for a night I know I could spend with Ron, I would never leave a fun night out with friends to come home to him because his schedule changed. Last weekend was the exception because 1. my friend’s boyfriend was already coming to pick her up, 2. I didn’t drive (obviously drunky pants) so I wasn’t leaving my car, and 3. I was a hot mess (haha…case in point, title is lived up to). Generally I just get annoyed when I find out he got out of work or class or wherever early and then go back to my friends.

While I’m really not enjoying all the time spent outside of my apartment and away from my new husband (and pups!), I definitely like the effect it’s having on my viewpoint. Right now, Ron can do no wrong and it makes me happy constantly when I’m home and even randomly throughout the day when I think about him. (Ron…please don’t take this as a sign to slack off. I love you, but I also love dinners waiting for me at the end of the day!) (PS – yeah, you read that right). How can you NOT praise a guy who wakes up early to make you breakfast on your 1 month AND 2 month wedding anniversary? Have you ever heard of anything so sweet? (Especially because one of them was breakfast pizza…my favorite food at the weirdest time of day & it was awesome…basically a fritatta with pizza sauce and pepporoni and cheese, yum!)

So I guess I agree with the “they” of the cliched sayings. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. But mine was pretty fond of this guy to begin with.

Now some photos for your viewing pleasure…

The pups…Bruce & Clark
Breakfast pizza! Taken with my old broken iPhone
The night of our engagement
My 23rd birthday
Happiest day of my life ❤

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