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Hump a Lump

It’s Wednesday. This week has been so weird. On Monday, I thought it was Tuesday. On Tuesday, it felt like Monday. Now it’s Wednesday and I honestly don’t know what to think. I do know I don’t have a real day off for the next 3 weeks (at least…pending my next Bucks schedule) so it probably doesn’t really matter what day it is. Whatever it is, I’m working. Kind of depress-city, but at least it’s cash moneys. Also, this week will be the first that I come close to hitting 20 hours at the Bucks (probably thanks to my first weekend shift…boo for 7 hours!) which is what I need to average to be eligible for benefits. Bring it on, baby!

1. Sons of Anarchy. I feel like we’re in a rut here, boys. Opie dying was probably the saddest thing I’ve seen on television in a million years. We need something to bring it back. Last night’s episode was good, but I’m over Tara and her joints. Over Gemma and her need to hit everything that pisses her off. Over stupid Clay still being freaking alive. I do love that it sounds like Jax is writing his own book (a la John Teller), but c’mon.

2. Pencil skirts at New York & Co. do not look good on me. Just a short observation.

3. Listening to music at work really helps me to be more productive. I’m not sure if it’s really allowed in my office, definitely not when meeting with students or on the phone, but at least when I’m alone? It really sets the pace for my day & time management. I’ve found I’m much less likely to stare at Facebook (which I NEVER do). My current favorite tunes are thanks to Pandora’s Jimmy Eats World station. Who knew?

4. Ron’s mom is pretty awesome. She gave us each some money out of her bonus from work to spend on ourselves which is why I was at NY&Co trying on skirts. I did find some work pants that fit (yay!) and look good (double yay!) that I’m going to go back later & buy. I also possibly found a nice black shift dress. I’m definitely in need of a more mature update to my wardrobe. I need to take a more business, less business casual approach to my daily work attire. Unfortunately, I don’t even have time to shop lately (saddest thing EVER) so it has to be done in 30 minute intervals between works, but I should have new pants to wear sometime this week, yay! I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere from replacing my pencil skirt.

5. I’m kind of addicted to Starbucks Iced Passion Tea. SO GOOD. Even better with lemonade mixed in, but not so much for the waistline. Everytime I work I bring home some of the leftover (it gets thrown out otherwise) & drink it all the next day. It’s awesome & a different way to stay hydrated.

How has your week been? Although I’m busy, I’m pretty hap-hap-happy this week, maybe because I let out all my crazy demons this past weekend? Maybe because I didn’t have Bucks work this past Monday & I got to see my hubs? Maybe just because? That would be nice 🙂


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