An Outdated Update

Hello. Nice to see you all again. I feel like I should have a ton to write about, and I guess I COULD, but I don’t know how interesting it would be to read about my husband, two dogs and I staying with my in-laws the past week and a half because we STILL don’t have power. Or how the first 4+ days there were also spent in the dark & cold. I will say I miss my afternoon naps, and playing cards by candlelight and drinking tea with my mama-in-law and the hubs each night. One thing Hurricane Sandy has taught me is that it is entirely possible to live without TV and NOT die. Weird, right? TV has been such a big part of my and Ron’s everyday lives. It’s how we spend time together each night, catching up on the DVR or watching a movie while we eat dinner & after. And it’s actually nice to not feel enslaved to the DVR. I think I’ll be giving up some of the shows I’ve been watching. Sons of Anarchy is here to stay (obviously), but I don’t think I need to watch 666 Park Avenue (I get my creeps from American Horror Story anyway…which I need to watch this whole season still). Dexter will stay and be rotated between Shameless in the winter & True Blood in the summer, but there will be more cuts. As much as I like Revolution when it’s on, it always falls to the end of the DVR list. I already gave up on Last Resort & X-Factor (sorry Brit Brit!), but Glee & New Girl will remain. It’s funny how I feel loyal to some shows, even when I’m not itching to watch them. Not the case for SOA though…that has been sorely missed these past 2 weeks and I can’t wait to get cable back and be able to watch my Jax.

Regardless of my love for some shows, I’m definitely going to pull back from the TV and focus my time on other things. First of all, cleaning & organizing our apartment & maintaining that orderliness. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about the past 10 days at my in-laws house is that it’s always clean. There aren’t random shoes and dog toys ALL OVER THE FLOOR. And it’s kept that way. Other than cleaning (boring), I’m going to get the hubs to keep up the Rummy playing and play with the chess set I got him for Christmas. He taught me to play chess with the ginormous life size set while on our honeymoon & it was really fun to spend time together doing something more brain-stimulating than staring at the TV screen. I’ll be getting back to scrapbooking as well. Not sure if I’ll be able to catch up on everything that happened since our trip to Aruba in 2010 (oops), but my sister-in law gave me a scrapbook for our wedding that had a lot of wedding related pictures & events in it that I’d like to add to. I guess I should include this here blog on the list as well since I’ve been ignoring it for the past few weeks (although in my defense, I have not had internet for 10 days!).

Mostly, I look forward to spending quality time with my family. Being in such close proximity to Ron’s family the past week or so (literally – we were huddled together on the couch…talking, reading, playing cards, napping!) has reinstated the need for QUALITY family time. Not just TV time or sitting next to each other on the couch, but time where conversation is exchanged and actual interaction takes place. Sandy messed up a lot of NJ & NY, leaving many without homes, basic belongings, food & water, electricity, and it’s going to take a long time to come back from that. I’m grateful that I was able to learn something from the brief time I spent without power and among family…it’s not the end of the world to be without cable. I’d rather not be without power for any amount of time again, but family time is just that…it doesn’t need to nor should it involve a TV. Sometimes all you need is a pack of cards and a cup of tea to make it a great time.


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