Clumsy, Klutz, Walking-challenged…

All of these could describe me.

In the past 2 weeks I have: fallen at the Bucks while carrying a tray of freshly washed dishes (this resulted in 2 big bruises and the inability to wear heels for a few days), dropped & shattered my month-old iPhone 5, tripped walking up the stairs with a basket of laundry, & bumped my car with my husband’s car. And these are just the big, truly memorable things I did. I’m sure I’ve also walked into walls, banged my hand on whatever is within 5 feet of me, etc. You get the picture. Actually I just remembered stubbing my toe on my husband’s suitcase.

Now, I can understand my husband’s feeling of frustration when I’m constantly doing these things. He’s told me (just today) that he is torn between feeling bad that I fell/hurt myself/whatever and wanting to laugh at my clumsiness to being mad whenever I break something (often). In fact within the first month of dating, I broke the towel rod in his bathroom & the handle off his sliding glass door. Apparently, I don’t know my own strength.

Dropping & shattering the screen of my iPhone 5 last week was kind-of the last straw. I had already cracked the screen on my old iPhone resulting in crappy photos from the broken camera which was why I upgraded when the 5 came out. This new break was especially bad and was most certainly unliveable. I had to be careful with the phone because little shards of glass were sticking up and easily could have pricked me or fallen on the floor. $300, a new phone & an Otterbox case later, I no longer had the glass issue but hubs was still upset with me. Rightfully so, especially since money is more of a shared entity and our future home & lives depend on NOT wasting money because you can’t stop breaking things.

In the heat of the moment following the accident itself (dropping my phone on the kitchen floor), Ron told me I need to be more aware of myself. This statement perplexed me. To be honest, I always wondered why I could do backflips down a 4″ balance beam, yet could not seem to walk through my own apartment without hurting myself. Is it really because I’m not “aware of myself?” And what the hell does that mean? Move slower? Think more/faster? I’ve never known myself not to be clumsy. It’s the basis of plenty of inside jokes and humiliating memories (like my freshman self falling down the stairs in front of the junior football players during highschool…and I thought those stupid platform clogs were so cool).

Being an adult now, I definitely see the perks of a NON-clumsy lifestyle…less bruises/band-aids, poise, confidence, people not thinking you’re incapable of one of the most basic motions which I’ve had roughly 23 years of practice doing. How do I go about changing this seemingly-ingrained quality of myself? It’s something I’ll be practicing in the coming months…trying to be less clumsy. Obviously, this would mean less alcohol + lower heels while out, but what about when I’m wearing the same boots I always wear and entering my office? Why do I walk into the doorframe? I like to think it’s because I’m SO FOCUSED on work that I didn’t notice it, but that’s probably not entirely true.

Any advice on the matter would be seriously appreciated. While it’s easy enough to laugh at myself falling down, I’d prefer fewer iPhones and bruises and perhaps a little more admiration from my hubs…instead of the bevy of feelings he has while watching me break another wineglass/fall down our steps outside/trip over the dog. Seriously, the more I write, the more that comes to me. I just wish I had video/photo proof to include as evidence. My belongings and injured self thank you in advance for any help!


Since I don’t have any such photo, I’ll show you a picture of my new hair color! My sister-in-law colored my hair a red-brown with copper ombre this past weekend & it came out amazing! Love it 🙂