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Looking forward & making goals for your future are pretty important if you’re ever going to get to where you want to be. New Year’s resolutions are not uncommon following the end of a year, but this time I’m making mine in advance. It will allow me to feel them out for a while & prep, maybe get into some good habits before the 1st of the year. I’m linking up with the girls at the blog Truly Lovely & their readers to give you 20 of my goals for 2013. Thanks to Kym at Travel Babbles for posting & inspiring this list. May it be the best year yet!

  1. Move to North Carolina
  2. Make healthy living a habit
  3. Write my first book!
  4. Travel somewhere new with my hubs
  5. Get a tattoo for my mom
  6. Organize a fundraiser for cancer research (I’ve got some ideas!)
  7. Secret wish…lucky #7!
  8. Grow my blog
  9. Cook more often
  10. Keep a clean apartment/house
  11. Go on more dates with the hubs
  12. Join a book club
  13. Start an Etsy shop
  14. Save money
  15. Practice living simply
  16. Send birthday cards & “just because” notes.
  17. Do things with my friends that don’t center around alcohol.
  18. Keep a daily photo journal.
  19. Stop biting my nails (ew)
  20. Lose the guilt/shame/whatever & be happy ❤

What are 20 goals for your 2013?


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