“Day” Dreaming

What would your perfect day look like? Not your ACTUAL perfect day like making out with Ryan Gosling before meeting B.Spears for mani-pedis. Like a common everyday perfect day. Have you ever stopped to think about it? I don’t think I ever until the idea of being a full-time writer seemed a bit more plausible in my mind. Because my perfect day doesn’t start with a 6am trip to the gym or a battle with traffic on the way into work. Yours might, but I actually day dream about being able to get up, eat breakfast while catching up with my favorite blogs & then starting my day. I picture the alarm going off at about 7:30/8am to walk the dogs (one day to get the kids up & ready!) and then settling in at the kitchen table with my laptop & a cup of coffee to read. My ACTUAL perfect day would definitely include pumpkin coffee or at least some Bailey’s Pumpkin Spice creamer. Breakfast would probably be eggs with hot sauce and turkey sausage or turkey bacon; perfection would be some breakfast potatoes. After finishing breakfast and my morning update session, complete with comments, I’d check my own wildly successful blog (ok, I guess we can have some of the crazy perfectness sprinkled in the dream, right?) to make sure my scheduled post had gone up & reply to any comments that were already there. It would probably be about 9am when I went for a long walk or jog, turned on a fitness DVD or hit up hot yoga or Zumba somewhere (perhaps in my living room?) before showering the sweat away. Dressed in a comfy cute outfit, I would sit down at my desk (yes in this dream I also have my own desk) and write for about 3 hours and then break for lunch. I’d eat a wholesome meal, definitely something more substantial than the yogurt I’ll be having later but still healthy, before checking email & taking care of some social media. Around 3pm, I’d check my line up of blog posts, add one or two more & finish off with some brainstorming for future projects/posts. All without leaving the house!

My perfect day might sound incredibly boring to you, but I can’t picture anything more perfect. Of course it would be changed up here & there depending on the needs of the day (perhaps a business meeting or phone call, staging for a blog post about something more concrete than hopes & dreams or even a book signing?! You never knowww…) Perfection is in the eye of the beholder (yes I changed the quote to suit my needs today) and one man’s perfect may not be that of another man, but no matter what your dreams are, the first step in realizing them is to actually formulate goals & the action steps needed to get you there.

I’ve been thinking about my future a lot. Maybe it’s because I recently got married or maybe it’s before of the recent passing of my mom and pop-pop, but I’ve been thinking about how I can live a happier, healthier, cleaner, more fulfilling existence. One I can be proud of and actually fully enjoy. One where my biggest accomplishment eclipses my high school cheerleading team’s 2nd place victory at Worlds. It’s time to starting taking the steps needed to make my dreams a reality, to turn them into accomplishments, to color my bookshelf and office with titles made up by me, to create my own schedule & my own existence. And maybe one day, not too too far away, I’ll be leaving my daydream, my perfect existence. Most likely in a zebra print office, but some things never change.


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