It’s about THAT time.

No, not of the month. Of the fats. As in myself. When I slimmed down for my wedding, I told myself it would be the last time I’d have to work to make healthy eating & exercising a habit. And now here we are. Back to the point where most of my clothes are fitting less comfortably and I have pie face, both as in it is the same shape as a pie & also looks like I just inhaled one. Cute.

The formula for maintaining your weight is not difficult to understand. To live on the other hand… Today is the first day of Diet 2012 2.0 and while the first day is never the hardest – in fact, it’s almost fun – I know I won’t be so excited to be skipping pasta, chocolate & my favorite jalapeno chips a few weeks days from now. This time around I plan to mix healthy eating with exercise I actually enjoy like Zumba & hot yoga. I’ll be trying some healthier, low-fat/low-cal recipes from some of my favorite bloggers & once my hubs & I reach a more comfortable weight, we’ll maintain by mixing in some old favorites to the healthy lifestyle we will (hopefully) be making a habit. I’m not trying to become a model here, just be comfortable in my own skin. I felt really good over the summer when I was at a lower weight & I’d love to live there permanently. So whereas I could forego all pasta, all snacks forever and ever, I won’t do that. Life is about living & if a bowl of pasta once in a while makes me happy, I’m not going to put it on lockdown. But moderation is key both on & off a diet. My problem has never been actually losing the weight, but keeping it off. Once I get to that goal weight, I give myself all the food I’d been laying off of…not exactly a recipe for success. So I am raising my salad fork to a new lifestyle, one that will not be compromised once lbs are lost; to finding an exercise regime that makes me happy; and to choosing to enjoy life in moderation…instead of the shovel method.

My father-in-law & I at a friend’s wedding this past weekend…aka me with pie face
Me & my husband at our wedding…sans pie face

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