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Brought to you by a less miserable mess

Hellllloooooo! It’s Wednesday. Time for an update. Halfway through the week. I get to sleep in tomorrow (late day at work) and that is entirely propelling me throughout this day!

1. Happy birthday to my mama-in-law! She is seriously one of (if not THE) greatest people I know. She has been there for me through so much & has helped me with everything from wedding related crapola to fights with the hubs to dealing with my mom’s passing. She is hysterical & a ton of fun, and I love spending time with her. Basically, I hit the in-law jackpot with Ron’s family and I couldn’t be more lucky to call this woman (and the rest of ’em) my family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMACITA!

2. Sons of Anarchy was 90 minutes last night! Hubs & I were struggling to stay awake because our DVR hates us and didn’t record it so we watched it live at 11:30. Which means it didn’t end until 1am. Then I had to take out the dogs which always wakes me up. Then I watched Glam Fairy from last week while in bed & didn’t end up asleep until 2! Oops! SOA will ALSO be 90 minutes next week AND they didn’t say it was the finale or anything so I am super psyched to get more SOA. I really want to know what happens to Tara after this recent business &&& I’m hoping someone takes down Clay soon…I almost don’t even care who does it anymore.

3. My back hurts much less today then it did yesterday (yay!) although I’m kinda scared I forgot to bring any Advil with me. Pulling double duty with a shift at the Bucks after work yesterday definitely did a number on my sore body, but hopefully my good luck will continue throughout the day and it won’t really hurt.

4. My friend Bianca is a saint. She puts her friends before herself all the time & is constantly doing whatever she can to help someone out. For example, she dropped her car off at my apartment last night so I could use it all day today even though that meant SHE had to find a ride to work. I couldn’t be more thankful as a ride home from Work 1 to Work 2 was looking bleak tonight. I’ll be pretty happy to have my car back, but in the meantime THANK YOU BEE!

5. I practiced my new safe driving this morning and I did really good! I stayed at the speed limit, allowed a good amount of space between myself and the car ahead of me and didn’t eat breakfast/drink coffee (normal everyday occurence) or look at my phone once while on the way there. This is obviously not some grand feat, but I was reallllllly jonesing for a sip of coffee and I held off. Woo, go me!

6. I’ve thought about taking a defensive driving course. Not sure exactly how they work (I know a lot are online) or how much they cost though so research is in process. Let me know if you’ve ever taken one and if you thought it actually helped, beyond the insurance discount anyway.

What’s been going on in your week? Hopefully it’s more like this post and less like my last one!

For your viewing pleasure…

Happy birthday! Love your favorite daughter-in-law 🙂

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