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Wardrobe Slump

Ever feel like you don’t have anything to wear? I do. Despite half a walk-in closet full of clothes & a full dresser, I never seem to be able to be happy with my outfit choices. I’m sure my fluctuating waistline doesn’t help since my clothes are in a range of sizes, yet I feel full on envy while reading fashion blogs. Fashion is not my job & heaven knows I don’t try my hardest when I don’t need to (please see: everyday I don’t have somewhere I need to be and some that I do), but I guess it’s hard to get excited by the same clothes you’ve been seeing in your closet for years and months on end. Just this morning I found 2 outfit posts that looked awesome. Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of my favorite bloggers and I read her posts religiously. I’ve even found myself incorporating some of her style choices into my own outfits, usually not quite as successfully, but A for effort, right? The outfit found by clicking the link above is one of my favorites simply because it looks put together and polished, but it’s still fun and down to earth. It’s not super styled and intimidating. AND it’s do-able, even on a budget which I most definitely am. Generally I don’t have the funds to put together some of the outfits of my dreams nor do I usually jump on a style trend because most likely that trend is not around for long and I’d be out money for 1 season of wear. If fashion is your life and love and you have or able to allot the money to spend on trends, I’m all for it. Unfortunately, it’s just not something I can do. So I improvise. I usually do get compliments on my outfits at work, but I probably don’t try as hard at home. Plus, my jean collection is sad. I don’t invest in the good stuff & would rather wash my few trusty pairs to death rather than take money away from a shirt, jacket, shoe, etc. to spend on jeans. And to be honest? I hate shopping for jeans. HATE. Even more than bikini season. Because at least bathing suits don’t have to be hemmed. But nearly every pair of pants I buy do.

Anyhow, now that I’ve completely lost track of my point…I’d like to try to recreate Emily’s look and I think I may do it tomorrow for work. Instead of a vintage tee, I might keep it a little more on the professional side, but I’ll keep the vibe the same. I don’t have colored cords (or any cords), but I do have a pair of teal jeans I bought for my birthday that I can sub in. Paired with a fancy t-shirt or something similar, a blazer, and pumps, I think I can pull off the look. Check back in tomorrow for photos of the finished product!

What looks have you seen recently that you’d love to try yourself? If you have a Pinterest account, I’m sure you must have 100 or so options to choose from here. Pinterest is the one place I truly feel like I have no style whatsoever, but then I can’t see myself while in sweatpants, a t-shirt, and crap ponytail on the couch!

Some outfits from the past year (or 2)…

World’s Worst MS Paint Collage

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