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Friday Faves

Well in a decidely crappy week (kinda hard to turn it around after your first -and hopefully last!- car accident), I still managed to find a few faves.

1.  My amazing friends and family who have gone above and beyond to help me out while I am stuck without a car. So far I received an early morning ride from my father-in-law, a pickup and drop off from my husband, a ride home from work from my two friends, Alyson & Bianca & my friend Matt will be giving me a ride home today. Bianca is definitely super star of the week though because in addition to the group pick up, she also brought me to work this morning and and AND lent me her car ALL DAY on Wednesday so I could drive to Work #1, to Work #2 and home. My hubs and pops-in-law have also been handling pretty much everything to do with my car being fixed and insurance info which I am beyond grateful for. I don’t know what I did to deserve this amazing people in my life, but I’m so grateful!

2. Christmas Blend coffee is at Starbucks & I think it’s my favorite brew so far. The Bucks also has a lot of fun Christmas treats and gifts including eggnog lattes, advent calendars, peppermint mocha frappucinos, snowman cookies & make your own cake pop kits! Those are just a few of the holiday offerings there. It’s hard not to get in the Christmas spirit (even before Thanksgiving!) when your work is covered in red posters with snowmen on them and you work across from a giant Christmas tree.

3. I unexpectedly had the night off from the Bucks on Wednesday. It’s kinda half good, half bad because they thought I just didn’t show up when they actually scheduled me too early. I spoke to the asst manager, but apparently the message was never relayed because when I got there at 6:30 like usual, my shift had already been covered. Fortunately, this meant I didn’t have to miss my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration (and homemade mac-n-cheese…diets don’t exist during birthday celebrations!)

4. Ron and I tried Neuro drinks this week because the bottles were too cool looking not to. He had the NeuroSLEEP & I tried NeuroBLISS. It may have just been the fact that we were thinking about the drink’s effects, but they truly seemed to work! I was in a crappy blah mood when I got home last night & after finishing my NeuroBLISS (I had drank some of it after my car accident…it didn’t work then, but it was kind of an extreme case), I felt infinitely better. I was even singing to the dogs as I took them outside at 11pm, when normally I’m grumbling about having to do it. They have a whole bunch of drinks in the Neuro series, including a fiber formula called NeuroTRIM. I can’t wait to try more!

5. Ron is covering someone’s shift at work tonight and probably won’t be home until late. THAT means I have the night to myself (well, with the dogs) and I plan to make it productive. While the power was out at our apartment from Hurricane Sandy, we cleaned a decent amount of the apartment, but we didn’t have Swiffer pads which meant I couldn’t do the floors. In addition to Swiffer-ing, I want need to give the stove a REAAALLLY good scrub. For some reason beyond my brain power, our stove is always hot in the middle…like burn your finger hot (I should know)…at all times so when something spills on the stove while cooking, it’s really hard to get it up. Usually I use baking soda and vinegar (seriously) because nothing else I’ve tried works. Maybe a magic eraser? Any other ideas? *Disclaimer* Normally a night WITHOUT Ron that includes cleaning is NOT cause for joy, but I the apartment definitely needs it and I’d like to have some sort of order in our lives. Don’t worry…I also plan to relax for a while, too!


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