Virtual Book Shelf

Virtual Book Shelf

One thing pretty much everyone who knows me can tell you: I LOVE to read. I always have. Ever since I was little and devoured the Baby Sitter’s Club series…then Sweet Valley High and its accompanying various series (anyone remember Sweet Valley Senior Year? Loved it!) and now onto all the chick lit I can grab along with more highbrow titles. I’ll be instituting a series called “Virtual Book Shelf” to talk about whatever books I’m currently reading or have recently loved/hated. Feel free to jump in with opinions and recommendations!

I just finished Savages and LOVED it. I saw the movie when it was in theaters and have been very impatiently waiting for it to make its way to DVD (December). I love Blake Lively who I thought made a great “O” and Taylor Kitsch is one of my favorite male actors (Tim Riggins, I miss you!). When I found out the movie was made from a book, I was super excited to read it, even though I obviously knew what was going to happen. Usually, I shy away from reading a book after seeing the movie because they’re always different and I would rather read the book first. It took a file, but I finally downloaded Savages to my kindle and got through it pretty quickly despite my crazy schedule. If you like a suspense-packed novel full of Mexican drug cartels, marijuana & a love triangle that oddly enough seems to work, you’ll love this book. Even though I already knew the plot (and the movie was pretty accurate for the most part), I still couldn’t put it down. I loved the connection between O & “her men” and how that connection never seemed to be in question. She loved them and they love her, simple as that. Each main character in the book had their own story and had a complexity necessary for such a book. Besides Lado & the dirty cop (I can’t remember his name but he was played by John Travolta), I actually liked all the characters, at least a little bit, even Elena la reina, queen of the cartel. Their background helped you to see a different side of them than the surface: rich girl, Navy SEAL, stoner philanthropist, drug lord, mule. Any book that can make you like one of the bad guys probably has a good voice behind it and I’m excited to read the prequel by Don Winslow, Kings of Cool, which spans two generations of families and ends with an unescapable choice from Ben, Chon & O: family or each other? 

If you read the book, let me know what you think! Or give me some recommendations to read (and ultimately review)!

Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and Ben (Aaron Johnson)

I’m currently reading: Pretty: A Novel by Jillian Lauren, a story about an ex-everything (stripper, drug addict, Christian, pretty girl) coming to terms with who she is while attending cosmetology school and living in a halfway house after a tragic car accident claims her boyfriend and leaves her scarred (literally). Look for the review sometime next week!


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