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Thanks & Giving

Our First Thanksgiving together…2009

Thanksgiing is only 2 days away and I am gradually reaching the point of “really super duper” excited. Thanksgiving wasn’t always a favorite of mine. When I was little, we would bounce around between my mom’s family and my aunt’s house (dad’s side), but never really created any kind of tradition (that I can recall anyway…my sister says I have a horrible memory of our childhood, so who knows?). Now that I celebrate with Ron’s family, it’s a day I look forward to and is the perfect precursor to Christmas!

First of all, the day is full of food, one of my (unfortunately) favorite things, and it is socially acceptable to stuff yourself into a food coma. Ron’s family has some EXCELLENT cooks and no holiday is complete without something delicious. I’m especially looking forward to stuffing and mashed potatoes! Secondly, I truly love spending time with Ron’s family and with Thanksgiving at his parent’s house (ie. right around the corner from our apartment!) we can be there ALLL day with the dogs and have a short trip home to roll into bed. Last, but not least Thanksgiving means the holidays are really here and we can start decorating, buying gifts with a vengeance, listening to Christmas music & getting into the overall holiday spirit.

It’s always important to remember others around the holiday season, and with “giving” right in the name of this particular holiday, you can’t help but think about it. If everyone gave just 1 item of food to a food pantry or helped at 1 fundraiser or donated 1 gift to a child or family in need, we could all have a little more to celebrate this holiday season. My work (not the Bucks, my full-timer) is having a food drive tomorrow to donate to the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morristown, NJ. I’m sure companies all over are doing something similar and this is the perfect time of year to think of others. Donate old clothes or toys you don’t use or pick up something new for a worthy child. Spend some time at a nursing home or volunteering at a neighborhood fundraiser. Pick up the bill for the person behind you at Dunkin Donuts or tip generously at your next restaurant visit. Even something as simple as a smile to a stranger could help turn that person’s day around. And the act isn’t totally selfless (just ask Phoebe from Friends) because it will make you feel good, too.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy all the food, family, friends & impending holiday season!



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