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Monday Motivation

I love pretty much everything about the holidays. Giving gifts to your loved ones (and receiving them!), yummy holiday treats, parties with friends and families, festive decorations…and Christmas music! A good Christmas song is almost guaranteed to put me in a good mood. I created this playlist on Grooveshark and have been listening to it all day (combined with coffee, it’s been fueling my Monday!). It mixes a few of my all-time favorites with some new songs to try out. Don’t be surprised if it gets updated in the near future! The very first song is my favorite…my mom had the whole CD and used to play it while we decorated the Christmas tree.

Christmas Time is Here!

PS. Have you use Grooveshark before? It’s so cool! I love the idea of creating online playlists (for free!) to listen to anytime without the randomness of Pandora & Songza (although I’ll never give up my 90’s school dance find!). What would you put on your Christmas song list?


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