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Today is dumb. (But not for Jennyfah)

It sucks today. Let me tell you why. I woke up with a headache. That blows. It doesn’t go away like all day when that happens. Also? I had 3 separate detours/traffic stops due to road work. One of them was immediately after the on ramp to route 10. Seriously? While at work I got hit with a super time-consuming tedious stupid project, found out my car won’t be ready until MAYBE Monday or Tuesday & received next week’s Starbucks schedule via phone (finally). In total I will be missing the following: best friend’s birthday party, night out to our favorite bar with my friends, my aunt’s Christmas cookie baking party, and most likely all Friday nights until Christmas which includes an ugly sweater party. Add to this ridiculousness that I have been looking for ways to savor this holiday season since it may be the last I get to enjoy in the 973 for a while, and it’s really quite laughable that there is little to no time to enjoy anything holiday related. Like last night? I had planned to put up the tree (which I did) and even put on lights (fail x 43847839) and ornaments. Our tree has 2 rows of lights at the bottom and no ornaments. Why you might ask? Because this hot mess shocked herself from a broken bulb on our second set of lights. It barely left a mark, but it did sting and burn for a little and tears MAY have been shed. I asked Ron if I electrocuted myself and he said if I had I would have died, but I think he was exaggerating. My 6th grade science teaher (7th? 8th?) supposedly got hit by lightening TWICE and she’s still kicking (I think?).





Tree Fluffed
Tree Fluffed


To get back to the point of this dumb dumb post, this year holidays suck. My sister is in Australia and will be travelling to Europe for Christmas (lucky brat) so I won’t be seeing her at all. I have no time to enjoy Christmas OR see any of my friends/family. Next year I will be celebrating southern style in North Carolina which means no chance to see the tree, eat at Serendipity or play in snow (most likely). It also means no snowboarding, which I was planning on doing this year. Hopefully after the holidays are over I will actually be able to do that. If not, the Burton board I barely used in high school can probably be listed on Craigslist considering Lake Norman, NC is about 6 hours from any chance to snowboard and I doubt I will have anyone to make that trip with me in the future.

Ugh this is just one of those pity party days. I would also tell you I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom this morning and had to turn the music up in the car just to get it out of my head, but I won’t. Or at least I won’t talk about it anymore.

My (not really) injured finger
My (not really) injured finger
This helped. Homemade wine by my in-laws!
This helped. Homemade wine by my in-laws!

So holidays 2012 are dumb. Just like today. But it is my sister-in-law’s birthday today so there’s that. I’ll get to eat cake with her and tell her happy birthday again which is always fun. We went to see Carrie Underwood last weekend (my gift to her) and it was so amazing. I’ll write a full post because the concert truly deserves it.

My beautiful sister-in-law and me at the cowboy hats!
My beautiful sister-in-law and me at the concert…in cowboy hats!

So Jenny-fah, despite the fact that I just called today (your birthday) dumb, happy birthday. You’re the only reason today is NOT dumb. I love you!


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