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It’s Friday and that’s only good because I can sleep in tomorrow.

Pity party is in full swing around these parts. Ok maybe 1/2 pity party, 1/2 periodic depression who knows. Either way, you know your day isn’t going to be the best when the first thing you do when you wake up is cry. Of course, if your 2 dogs decided 2:10am was the best time to rearrange their sleeping positions, play, fight, growl, and bite you all within your half of a king size bed, you might have cried this morning, too. Also my day goes like this: 8:30-4:30 full time work yo, 4:45-5:45 work Christmas party & leave early because… 6:30-11:15 12:00am (aka MIDNIGHT because some supervisors suck at closing) Bucks. What my schedule SHOULD look like: 8:30-4:30 work, 4:45-8ish work Christmas party where we get mildly tipsy then eat tons of food to sober up (it works), 8:30-whenever my hubs is done with his MBA (Master Beer Appreciation) at Cloverleaf Tavern getting silly with all of my friends…my friends who drove me around pre-rental car (I really miss my car) and who I haven’t seen since. Cool. So maybe you know why I started my day off with tears! And tomorrow I get to sleep in and go BACK to Bucks for a 2:30-11:15 MIDNIGHT shift again. Can’t wait until next week when I’m SUPPOSED to get out at 12:15 which pretty much guarantees I won’t be home until 1:30. Awesome sauce.

Anyway, for a little less gloom (sorry) and a little more fun, I’ll tell you about the Carrie concert! She was absolutely amazing. I’m not really super into any once genre of music (besides Britney, bitch) and I’ve liked country for a while, but only gone to a few concerts (Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean I think?, and a power combo of Brad Paisley, T.Swift, Kellie Pickler and Jack Ingram at some county fair in PA where they also fried pretty much everything and put it on a stick). I was a little lost on what to get my sister-in-law for her birthday, but when I saw Carrie would be performing in Newark the weekend before her birthday, it was a done deal. Getting there was fun of course with so many NJ Transit stations still being out of commission, but we took a train from Montclair to Newark Broad Street and exited the station to be on a creepy street corner. Not so good. Luckily the world’s nicest light rail conductor (yup. Wish I had a picture) took us to Penn Station on his light rail (sounds like something from the Magic School Bus) and then had some stranger man who I can only assume is a frequent rider point us in the direction of the Prudential Center. Can you say hopeless? That was us. In cowboy hats. Following a stranger. In Newark. ANYWAY…the concert was pretty uneventful besides the fact that it rocked my socks off. Hunter Hayes opened and he was amazing. I’m officially a fan of a few of his songs including this one:

PS. Also check out his song “Wanted.” It makes my heart smile.

After intermission (and our beer refill) Carrie came on and wow. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert where the artist sounded BETTER, like A LOT better, in person than on their CD. She is the real deal. She also performed with the kids from PS 122 in Brooklyn who have become a little famous as of late. It was super cute. She also had a flying stage. No joke, a piece of her stage came off the main part and was on a pulley system so she and her band moved all the way through the arena. So cool. It was also really cool that it looked kind of like a hot air balloon.

See? Flying Hot Air Balloon Stage (technical term)
See? Flying Hot Air Balloon Stage (technical term)

I already really liked Carrie Underwood, but I am officially obsessed fan girl for life. I have had the CD my sister-in-law made for me on repeat in my (stupid rental) car all week. Below are two of my NEW favorites (because don’t we ALL love Before He Cheats and Cowboy Casanova?).

This song makes me want to watch The Wizard of Oz (probably because while it was performed Carrie was in a house in a hurricane a la Dorothy?)

My new fave.

Also check out Can’t Leave Love Alone! Love that one too!


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