Cars on cars on cars

I feel like follow-ups to the crybaby whine-face posts I left you with are necessary, but since I’m in a good place right now I don’t really want to rehash it at this point. Maybe later or tomorrow, but right now I want to keep this level of happy. I have some fun stuff coming up including 2 outfit posts! I know, who do I think I am?

But today is not about clothes. It is about cars. My car to be exact. My car which was crashed exactly one month ago today. The very same car that is still in the shop with  promises of being released tomorrow. Today is also about rental cars. Yes, cars as in plural. Because I’m on my second rental car. My first one was a beaut, but we’ll get to that. I have a NEW rental car today & I have named him Leon after the snowman in Elf. He is a white Ford Focus hatchback & much preferable to my first rental car who had a slew of names, the most common being the Green Machine and Mike Wazoski.

Leon the Snowman. Not to be confused with Leon the car.
Leon the Snowman. Not to be confused with Leon the car.

Really, Enterprise? Lime green? I think someone was trying to punish me. To be honest, I’m going to miss Mike Wazoski a little bit. He was very easy to find in the mall parking lot (good for Bucks shifts during holiday hours!) and I may have STARTED to think he was kind of fun. Also, he had purple lights inside. Unfortunately, poor Mike needed a little repair when his temporary owner (who, me?) maybe kinda sorta ran over a curb and the tire went flat. To be fair to this temporary owner, the curbs in her complex are REALLY HIGH and stupid and this may or may not be the third tire she has popped on said curbs. Skills? I has them. (Also, please don’t yell at me.) The donut provided for such instances isn’t really meant for long term use/highway driving, so I switched him out for Mr. Snowman. Ballaaaa! I got whips all up in this place.

Mike Wazowski(photo via Ford.com)
Mike Wazowski
(photo via Ford.com)


Either way, Leon or Monsters, Inc., I am so so SO excited to get my car back tomorrow, but at the same time I’m trying not to get my hopes up because this is the THIRD estimated date I’ve received for my car repairs to be done. Honestly, I don’t place much stock in these timeframes. I am no mechanic so I have no place to predict such things for myself nor do I have any kind of comparison for how long a smushed in hood of a car and disintegrated headlight takes to repair. So go mechanic! (But seriously…hurry please!)

Will the real Mike Wazowski please stand up?
Will the real Mike Wazowski please stand up?

In a completely unrelated note, I washed my hair with shower gel today. Luckily, I realized my mistake and was able to RE-WASH it with shampoo but now my hair is super soft. Thinking I’ll need to wash my hair again tomorrow (boo!).

Secondly in this unrelated note (It is Hump-Day Update Wednesday afterall) my hand/wrist is really hurting from typing/writing and now I’m afraid I have carpal tunnel. I am finally admitting it here and now. I am a serial hypochondriac. Deep down, I know this. I don’t like to admit it though because that downplays the seriousness of my injuries. Just like my bruised finger (I MIGHT HAVE considered the fact that I broke it until the next day when it felt better) from slamming the blender cover on it at the Bucks.

So what do you think of the retired Mike Wazoski? Are you excited for 2 outfit posts (maybe 3…I just thought of a 3rd Christmas related one!)? Do you think I’m just a walking accident-waiting-to-happen? (You don’t have to answer that last one…)

And because who DOESN’T love Elf…one of my (and my husband’s!) favorite scenes 🙂



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