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A Hot Mess Gift Guide

This is actually hard to put together because I don’t want to give away any surprises for my family members, I still want to join the blogosphere in putting together a gift guide/wish list (because usually anything I buy for someone would be something I would be happy to receive!) So below you can find some of my favorite gift ideas, especially for any hot messes out there who haven’t yet started Christmas shopping (don’t look at me, I’m almost done!).


For your wine-loving best friend:

Stemless wine glasses and a bottle of wine


wine glasses

I actually received these as a gift from my sister-in-law one year and I love them. As any truly super klutzy person knows, wine glasses with stems are easily broken. These are nearly fool proof, even for the heaviest wino out there. I actually picked up a set of 4 last year for a grab bag for about $8 at TJ Maxx! Pair with your favorite inexpensive wine like a bottle from Cupcake Vineyard or my personal fave, Voga (shoutout to one of my best friends, Meghan!) and you’re the best gift giver ever (in my opinion).


 For your man-FRIEND:

New York Giants Toaster



My husband actually received a Yankees version from his sister once and he loved it (we’ve since upgraded to this toaster that simultaneously makes egg sandwiches. WHAT?!). Toast is pretty much the easiest thing to make so any guy can (and does) eat it, so why not have it pop out and root for his favorite team?


For your fashionista little sister:

Stila All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set


lip gloss

Give her a lip gloss to go with each look! Add a gift card to her favorite store to up the ante. PS – if you’re still looking to get me a gift, I wouldn’t hate this!


For your boss (who you actually like!):

Daily Planner


Gift a super cute planner to your boss so they can keep track of all their important goings-on. Your boss stays organizes, you appear put together AND score brownie points with your boss! Win-win for everybody!


For grab bag/hostess gift/little sumtin-sumtin:


Gift cards along with coffee/coffee mugs are always a great go-to! So many people like coffee and now that Starbucks and pretty much all their competitors offer great non-coffee beverages as well, there is something for everyone. So whether you are pro-Bucks or pro-Dunkin, grab a cute mug or travel cup and their favorite blend (Starbucks VIA is great because you just mix with hot water!) to go with a $5 gift card to please almost anybody!

What is your favorite go-to gift to give? And fave gift you’ve received? Give the ideas people!


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