Soul Searching · Think Happy Thoughts...

Just a thought…

Clark almost looks calm here...
Clark almost looks calm here…

Things I think When…

I’m Driving…
Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention
What kind of car is THAT?
Haha z100 is so funny
Seriously? You’re shaving Greg T’s butt on the radio? This is so stupid.
Oops, pay attention, Lindsay!
Pretty Christmas lights!
You bleeper!
Dude, speeding up when I put my turn signal on and blocking me from getting over to my exit will not end well for you.

I’m at work…
This video is so annoying. I think I can recite every word.
Ick, my coffee is cold. I should heat it up.
Ron is still sleeping. What a jerk.
I really have to pee. I should probably get up and do that.
Get off Facebook and get to work!
Jeez, this student is NEVER here.
Sorry, ma’am, but I’m not your daughter’s secretary. You can tell her about her dentist appt yourself.
Ugh this video!
No you’ve reached the school. I can transfer you to the salon.
Is it 5:30 yet?

I’m working at Starbucks…
Yes the line starts over there.
Seriously, you probably shouldn’t get “extra extra extra” whipped cream.
I can’t hear you in the middle of the food court when you whisper.
Ok, please spell Lashaniquanaynay for me?
Yes, you DO have to wait in the line to pay.
What the eff kind of drink is that?
You mean FRAPPUCINO. Frappes are sold at McDonalds.
The sizes are tall, grande and venti. Or you can just say small, medium or large and I think I’ll get it.
I heard you ask for a gingerbread latte 3 times, but I need to know what SIZE.
God these people are stupid.
Ugh this is supposed to be soy, oops.
Bleep! I poured the wrong milk again.
Damn, I’m an idiot.
Are we closed yet?

I’m at home…
I should really clean the bathroom, but I’ll just watch this show until the next commercial.
Ok, maybe the NEXT commercial.
Ugh we have no food. Pizza for dinner?
The tree is so pretty. We should put up more decorations.
Ugh I still have to put the boxes back in the closet.
I wish Ron would get home.
Yay, Ron’s home!
Will he notice if I don’t do the dishes until tomorrow?
Ew the bathroom is gross.
I want ice cream.
Ew I’m getting for real fat.
Great, I don’t want to go on a diet.
Maybe tomorrow. Or Monday. Monday is better.

When I’m working out…

Got you there, huh? What are you thinking throughout the day?


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