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Christmas is all in the Cards

Haha see what I did there?

This was the first year (I think?) Ron and I sent out cards and we chose to do a photo card. I THOUGHT of using a photo of us chosen from our professional wedding pictures, but then a special little moment happened while we were stranded at the in-laws during Hurricane Sandy. My in-laws said the pups would make a cute Christmas card and that was all my iPhone wielding self needed. Behold, the Bononno Christmas card 2012:

christmas card done

Aren’t they just the sweetest? Of course, Clark was probably biting Bruce’s legs 2 minutes later, but oh well.

I’m working Bucks for the next 3 nights from 6:30-12 which is going to equal one tired Lindsay. But some happy things coming up include Christmas (duh) which also means 2 days off from work and my aunt’s lasagna, a playdate with one of my favorite girls in the world, Jillian!, who’s home from Hawaii (as well as meeting her boyfriend finally!) and getting my car back this afternoon! Woo hoo! Honestly, after yesterday’s mishaps at Bucks, I was ready for this week to start anew.

Of course I can’t post without expressing my dismay and overwhelming sadness from the tragedy in Connecticut last Friday. There are sick people in this world, but I never could have imagined a disaster of this capacity. My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones & my thoughts are with them. Rest in peace to those sweet angels.


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