Soul Searching

Purse. Handbag. Pocketbook.

A woman’s purse can say a lot about her: the style, color, detailing, but what’s INSIDE a purse is what’s really personal. I like to carry my whole life around in my bag, possibly because I’m constantly hopping from one job to the next to family parties or friend get-togethers. Even though my purse could be considered luggage for some people, it never seems to be big enough for all my junk. Speaking of my bag, here she is:

I’ve had this bag since 2007, and I keep going back to it no matter how many purses I get or what the current trend is. It’s from Coach and is actually a replacement for a previous Coach bag (my first one!) my mom had bought me for Christmas. The leather handle broke on my first bag and after sending it to Coach’s complimentary repair service, they determined it was unfixable and sent me a gift certificate for the original amount of the bag. Impressed by the amazing customer service, I decided the only just thing to do was match the amount of the gift certificate and buy a truly luxurious bag that I could use forever. And that was the beginning of our happily ever after. I didn’t even take the bag out of the box for months after purchasing it, whether it was respect for the bag or a fear of ruining it, I don’t know.

So I meant to link up with Aunie at Aunie Sauce, but thanks to a ridiculous amount of work last week and Christmas and all, you get to have it now! Yay! Here goes nothing:

Whoa. All you type A’s out there getting itchy looking at that? Don’t worry, I’ll show you what I threw out first after! I feel like a little explanation is necessary.

  • I keep this clutch in my purse so I can grab it and run into the store quickly without my huge bag. I keep my license, debit card, and chapstick inside at all times. I also tend to forget a clutch when I go out and I refuse to lug that heffer around a bar or wedding.
  • I usually have this coffee sleeve from my friend Dana, my earphones I never use and possibly a name tag from my day job floating around my bag. You know, the important stuff.
  • So I used to use this wallet before the zipper broke and now it pretty much houses change (when I collect it from the bottom of my bag), business cards, and my checkbook. Not confusing at all.
  • The hat is from a spontaneous dinner out with my husband following a late morning sans shampoo, rinse, repeat. The boot sock was supposed to be part of my outfit on Christmas Eve, but I forgot the other sock (running late = finish getting ready in the car).
  • I like keeping memorial cards from loved ones in my bag. Every time I see them it’s a little reminder of those people.
  • I don’t like to wear my Pandora bracelet to Starbucks because it’s leather and I’m afraid it will get ruined so it tends to live in my bag when I’m not wearing it. My sister-in-law gave it to me for my birthday 2 years ago, and it currently has a butterfly that matches hers, a blue bead from my mama-in-law and a wedding bell my sister gave me the night before my wedding. The Jersey Shore bracelet is from my cousin and she bought it to raise money to rebuild the shore from Hurricane Sandy.
  • Starbucks schedule and a gift card to Forever 21, my Secret Santa gift from a co-worker. I can’t wait to spend it!
  • 2 lipglosses, 2 chapsticks (they have Disney princesses on them…my friend Meghan has Sleeping Beauty, her fave), a lipstick, hand sanitizer, tweezers, Advil (necessary) and matches from Ramie & Jeff’s wedding in November.
  • My makeup bag, also gifted to me from my friend Dana. This bag is my lifeline. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Sadly, it often comes with me to work because I’m bad at waking up in time to actually finish getting ready at home (see a pattern here?).
  • Lastly…4 sets of keys. Yup. I actually put my car keys back on my real keys. I have been too lazy to do so since I got my car back but after my husband nagging me for 2 weeks, its done! I also have my keys to the front door and my office at my day job as well as a keychain with store loyalty cards, which I also added to my Vera Bradley chain lanyard.

And now the truly scary part…

Receipts, old pay stubs, keychain from the auto shop, movie stubs, an exploded lotion (love Hempz, ahh tanning!) and who knows what else! Luckily, They all went in the trash and my purse is nice and clean for about another week!

So what does this all say about me? I think it says I’m busy and while I’d like to be organized, I’m not so good at it. Also, I’m addicted to lip products. And sleeping past my alarm.

What does your bag and its contents say about you? Head over to Aunie Sauce and check out her link up! I LOVE her bag but I know I could never rock a neon bag for long. My love of fully matching outfits would prohibit it. Although I do love my teal patent leather Guess bag, perfect for summer! (It may have even gone to the beach once or twice!)


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