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I love New Year’s. Not so much the partying and drinking; I’d rather stay in with friends and family and wake up without a hangover in the morning. I love the fresh start it offers, the chance to change for the better and the idea that the year isn’t tainted just yet.

2012 had its ups and its downs. I had the best day of my life and the worst. I married the man of my dreams and saw my mom fight a losing battle with cancer. I think I’ve experienced every emotion on that spectrum and learned a lot about myself in the process.

This year my resolutions, my goals for 2013, are focused on the better. Better for me, for my relationships, my work, my future. Five months into my marriage, I’m feeling a little more grown-up, a little less interested in taking shots or road sodas. At the end of the day, I want to feel good about myself, mentally and physically.

I don’t have next year all planned out; all I know is that I want to be better all around. I’m not going to commit to losing 30 pounds because I want to lose enough weight to feel good and then maintain that feeling. So my resolutions are less about creating a hard number and more about feelings (because I hardly ever talk about those).

  1. I want to be healthy. I’m not trying to be the weight I was in high school or fit into a size zero. I want to feel good about how I look and comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want to feel sick or bloated because I ate too much crap. I want to like working out, or at least get hooked on the endorphins,
  2. I want to have a clean and organized apartment. This doesn’t sound so hard, but nothing in my life is really organized. I want to know I can find socks and clean underwear when I need them and not need to spend 30 minutes searching for the hubs’ Christmas presents.
  3. I want to grow this blog. It’s become an outlet for me and provides a way to connect with other people. Even my friends, people I’ve known for years, have become closer or opened up more to me because of Hot Mess, Cool Day. I’m so excited to see where it can go.
  4. I want to be a better friend, a better wife. Despite a busy schedule, I want to make time for the people who are important to me. I want them to know they are important to me and not just because I say it.
  5. I’d like to better myself educationally. Just because I’m not in school and without a degree doesn’t mean I need to sacrifice my intelligence. I’ve definitely felt “dumbed down” lately and it’s my own fault. Next election, I’d like to feel less lost (or like I have any semblance of what’s going on). And I would really like to get going on my book.

Those are the bare bones of what I would like 2013 to look like. And I wouldn’t mind s few more nights spent with good friends like we had yesterday. Hubs and I spent New Year’s Eve at a friend’s condo eating, drinking (a tiny bit), and playing Twister. It was a lot of fun, we stayed safe, and we avoided crowds and $100 open bars.

I came pretty close to the Twister tournament finals (as a former gymnast, I would hope so), but Daddy Long Legs Joe took the round. Honestly, I probably could have had him if I was willing to dislocate an elbow in the process. Other highlights of the night included a Clemson win, champagne and a brownie contest (go Meg!).

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Did you party at home with friends or brave the crowds to ring in the new year?

Me & Hubs right around midnight!

PS – you SHOULD be seeing Twister photos here but unfortunately I left my phone at my friend Jill’s house tonight and don’t have them! Typical Linds.

TGFPM…thank God for party mode! A least you can see other people’s photos courtesy of Google+!

Clemson win!

Bononno sandwich!

The girls and baby Wach (not yet born)…also, Julie isn’t interested.

Twister semi-finals…not even the most awkward part.


Also? I’m game for any party that involves yoga pants.


2 thoughts on “Resolute.

    1. Sometimes I think my abition is a little bigger than my stomach (if you get what I mean?), but it’s always good to aim high. I really just want to better myself however I can. Thank you for sharing!

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